Full Version: Sburbia Online ~ Chapter 5: Event Flags
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>Clay: Arrive.
Clay: Arrive

You pull up to Jack's house in your truck. He sees you from his spot at his computer in the backyard. You get out and run over to him. He opens the gate and lets you in.

[Image: M1WaIWC.gif]

CLAY CATALPA joins the party!

You remove your computer from your fetch modus, now that you have solid ground to work on. You manage to pull it out ridiculously easy. Your laptop really is a piece of shit. You also take your clothes out and stuff them haphazardly into your duffel bag, condensing the whole shebang into one captcha card.

0 Duffel Bag
1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 -
8 -
9 -
>Throw rocks at CT's window
> Clay: Consider to throw a boulder at CT's window.
> How about we DONT throw any rocks or boulders?
Clay & Jack: Throw rocks at CT's window.

You can't really be both at once, so you're Jack now. You go to check the time. It's 9:12. You stare up at CT's window, and she has her blinds closed. You were initially joking about throwing rocks at her window, but the idea is starting to become tempting.

You pick up a stone and, once you confirm that nobody but Clay can see you, lob it en route to CT's window. You miss it by a couple inches. You share a glance with Clay. It stays quiet, so you pick up another rock, but you're distracted by the sound of Dissent going off.

You wonder why you even bother with her, sometimes.

Clay: Consider to throw a boulder at CT's window.

That would be ridiculous! Of course you can't throw boulders.

There aren't any around!
>Screw around and wait for something to happen.
Clay & Jack: Screw around and wait for something to happen.

You could totally do that. However, if you were to wait here for something to happen, then all the interesting stuff would happen somewhere else! I bet there's a someone else conveniently at where more interesting stuff is happening. I'd suggest you be one of them, but as has been previously stated, you cannot be someone else.

>Clay & Jack: Be Kate
>Clay & Jack: Be CT
>Clay & Jack: Be Kate.
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