Full Version: Sburbia Online ~ Chapter 5: Event Flags
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> Clay: Remember that he told you to bring a ton of clothes!
Clay: Remember that he told you to bring a ton of clothes!

Did he tell you that? Well, you figure he must have. You couldn't possibly be that wrong about something. You open up your dresser drawers and start captchaloguing spare clothes into your HARVEST MODUS. Removing items from this thing involves pulling a card out of the dirt by the greens. It's usually not that hard, unless the thing you're trying to get is super valuable. You leave some room in your modus to pack some other things.
(A/N: Going on hiatus for a couple weeks because of school finals. Thanks to everyone who's been participating! -cynicalAutomaton

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Sburbia: Come off hiatus.

Okay, not gonna lie. I sort of forgot this existed for a couple days. Plus I was busy the weekend I got off school. But now I should be able to shell out the time for this!

Here's a quick and likely unnecessary recap: JACK JOHNSON, a hardcore gamer, is hosting a LAN party so he can play the hot new online game, SBURBIA: ONLINE. Unfortunately, everyone seems to be late for their own reasons. His neighbor, who goes by the chumhandle "curiousTerran", is purposefully late supposedly because she simply doesn't feel like showing up. KATE GOODMAN had fallen asleep in her garden, and doesn't even remember the party is happening. CLAY CATALPA was right on schedule, but his truck had broken down on the way to the party.

Right now, Clay's being past Clay, an hour in the past. He's packing up to go, but can't quite remember what Jack told him to bring.

What will he do?
>Clay: Pack your shitty laptop and extra clothes, just in case.
> Not just extra clothes, but extra EXTRA CLOTHES! You can't be too prepared.
Clay: Pack your shitty laptop and extra clothes, just in case.

You captchalogue your shitty laptop and cushion it with even more clothes. Your whole dresser has been emptied at this point. It doesn't occur to you that cushioning the computer will have no effect in the hammer-space captchalogued items go.

You decide that having all these clothes just sitting in your sylladex is probably not the best idea. You dig around the many old cardboard boxes for a backpack or something. You find a worn DUFFEL BAG amongst the hoard of useless shit. This will be perfect for putting clothes in! You go to access the clothes in your sylladex, but unfortunately, you can't eject anything from it without a patch of dirt to pull from! The HARVEST MODUS has permanent DETECT-COLLISION as well, so items cannot be auto-ejected.

You captchalogue the duffel bag instead, opting to move the clothes later.

0 Pile of Clothes
1 Shitty Laptop
2 Pile of Clothes
3 Duffel Bag
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 -
8 -
9 -
> Hurry up and scamper to your truck and leave

(help I suck at commands)
Clay: Hurry up and scamper to your truck and leave.

You take one last look at your attic-room. Dresser, emptied. Computer, cushioned. You are confidently prepared for the party. You do a giddy lad scamper to your truck and start the drive across the rural countryside to your more friend's more suburban domain.

>Clay: Arrive.
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