Full Version: Sburbia Online ~ Chapter 5: Event Flags
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Josh: Tell the others what just happened so they can try and get them back
God, it's been too long and I probably should have put this here way sooner for those who aren't in the Discord, but I got my wisdom teeth taken out like five days ago so I've been in bed for most of that time. I was working on an update before that happened, so I'll finish it and put it up probably sometime this week? Sorry again for all the delays, despite the fact that summer is supposed to be the point where I have the most time.

[Image: GyEsF3K.png]
drew this while i was recovering
i plan to work on the update tomorrow, and if i do i'll probably finish it

[Image: riCeai0.png]

That was not the coolest thing you could have done just now.

Jack: Inform the others.

[Image: Wdqu9LG.gif]

God, no. You can handle this. You are their leader! You can't let them find out about your- oh fuck.

[Image: VMnoIWf.png]

Alright, I'm gonna be real with you guys.

I still love Sburbia and all the characters and the story I have planned. But, I need a break. I'm obviously not getting my work done, so I need to walk away for a bit.

It's starting to feel like every time I say I'm going to start updating more, I update less. so first order of business: I'm going to stop saying it. Second order of business: better planning. I want to try and plan updates better so that maybe others can help out with art if I need it.

While I'm on this break, I want to get out of my slump and back into a routine that is productive. lately I've just been sort of sitting around feeling like crap when I want to be doing productive things. I'm going to free up time to focus on smaller creative projects, which I'll probably post updates for in the Discord (I'm always active there so if you want to chat just drop by. even during these breaks I always like to talk about sburbia and sketch the characters and such).

So that's the plan for now. I don't know when I'll be back, but I will be back. I can at least promise that. Feel free to leave comments here or suggestions on community stuff, like the Sburbia wikia which I'm not even totally positive has been mentioned outside of Discord.

Anyway, thanks for reading and sticking with me and all that jazz. It always makes me happy knowing people like my Homestuck comic.

Hey, while the updates are on hold, if you don't have a Discord but still want to ask me questions or just talk to me or whatever, you can try following me on twitter @thisisnotausti1. I post drawings, many of them related to Sburbia! Like this one:
[Image: DzOu2sB.png]
Halloween may have technically been half a month ago but some of us are still out here celebrating it

i love making heinoustuck!au designs for homestuck ocs so here's one for Atheva
[Image: 5q1QXLL.gif]

Happy belated anniversary!

Those of you following the comic on MSPFA may know already, but Sburbia: Online is returning on Friday of this week, and will continue regular updates afterwards. See you then!
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[Image: wrU1lit.png]

[Image: ofcAGgE.png]

[Image: Pu4ATZ8.gif]

[Image: hd0PPfn.png]

Lisa goes to check out the scene.

[Image: rCCNQHt.png]

Oh hey look she's on the screen.

[Image: TIXDl1P.gif]


Lisa: go down there ==>
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