Full Version: Sburbia Online ~ Chapter 5: Event Flags
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Three charlatan dwarf planets find themselves newly born. A light traces the void keeping teams apart, as if walking the border between warring factions, or say, two neighbors' backyards. A familiar shape is produced. It's the one Competition draws to provoke its victims.

It is the sixth round, and as with all five preceding it, something feels wrong with its execution. The game presently ensnaring you is only the latest ambition in a long line of endeavors by an unseen empress, one who sits not in a throne, but in a prison. Her foul whims are those less of a monarch than a selfish opportunist. Her kingdom is Ambition itself. It is an unwavering engine, with the hot coals of lust shoveled into its white maw. It is the most diabolical kingdom of all.

"Ambition is but the evil shadow of aspiration." -Walt Disney

Yes, you are certain Walt Disney said that. One hundred percent positive.

You have a feeling your work may be cut out for you.
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happy green day
Hey folks. I know it's been a couple weeks, sorry for the inactivity. I've been trying to focus and school and not be sick and stuff. I'll try to get an update out sometime this week!

The elves are so chaotic. I want 20.
Hey folks. No April Fool's joke today. I've made the decision to go on an actual hiatus instead of just keeping everyone in the dark until an update inexplicably comes out. Simply put, I haven't been feeling fantastic recently and grades have been slipping, so I need less things to worry about.

I'm giving myself until the 22nd of this month, aka Sburbia's second anniversary! ?

See you all then! (Or maybe even sooner if you join the Discord)

Be Jack.

[Image: n7CxttS.png]

You're still getting messages from AP.

[Image: 7w2GT3z.png]

Honestly, you could sit here all day and ponder the nature of the bozo trying to spam your PM's with corrupted text, but to be honest, you should really be getting to work on more important things. Things such as... using the "base editing software"? Whatever that is. If only you could talk to AP. They're the one who told you to use the base editing software in the first place.

It sounds like a lot of work. Part of you wants to find an excuse not to. Like look for your mom. What's she been up to in the half hour you've been in this alternate dimension? Probably nothing. Another part of you is wondering where the hell all your teammates went. You saw Kate wander away earlier, but she's not even here anymore.

The endless possibilities rattle around in your mind.


I switched back to imgur for image hosting for now, because was giving me sass. If anyone has other image hosting recommendations that don't require payment let me know!

In other news, today is Sburbia's second anniversary! I can't believe it's been 2 years already. It's only been like half an hour in-comic.
Jack: Edit base.

[Image: pKljWrr.gif]

If you can find this supposed base editing software.

[Image: YgsOY1V.gif]

Oh. There it is.

That's new.
Jack: Do the latest trendy dances off the internet.

[Image: glom7xD.gif]

The temptation to go buck fucking wild while no one is looking is tempting, but even you have more self respect than that.

(I planned to do an update this weekend but, surprise surprise, I'm swamped with school work. But here's a twist: school's ending for the summer! After Tuesday, I won't have any more homework to do until my next semester. So, expect an update maybe Wednesday?

(06-04-2017 05:22 PM)cynicalAutomaton Wrote: [ -> ]
you're doing amazing and that gif looks SO FING SICK!!
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