Full Version: Sburbia Online ~ Chapter 5: Event Flags
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That means she's a problem. You may have your work cut out for you here.
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Jack: Talk shit before you go.
[Image: 077_by_thisisnotaustin-dcr7dg3.png]

Jack: Go to bed.
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[Image: 078b_by_thisisnotaustin-dcr7ip2.png]

[Image: 078c_by_thisisnotaustin-dcr7ipd.png]

[Image: 078d_by_thisisnotaustin-dcr7ipr.gif]

All in all, you think the meeting went well.

Everyone came out relatively unharmed, so you really can't complain. You are kind of nervous about the third team, though. That stranger from Dissent seemed pretty convinced that they were dangerous, and with evidence supporting that fact, you can't help but feel a little on edge about the whole thing.

But enough about that. You have bigger fish to fry! The game is afoot! This show has finally gotten on the road! This show is so on the road it's unbelievable. No show has ever been so on the road without being a literal roadshow. You have a long, long day ahead of you.

You, and everyone else.

End of Chapter
To be Continued in...
Chapter V ~ Event Flags
We're about to get into the meat of things, so I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who's been reading! It's been a lot of fun.

Next updating coming in maybe a week or so? It's a bigger one, so it may take a hot minute.
Author's Note

Ok, obviously it's been a while and the update isn't ready yet. That one's on me for overshooting. My bad. Here's what my schedule looks like for the near future: Tomorrow my family is celebrating Thanksgiving. Also, I have a bunch of projects due next week and I have to work on them this weekend. The week after might be slower school-wise, since it's the last week of the college semester. After that, my entire December is free.

So I'd say most likely we'll be back on track sometime in December? I'm very excited for the next chapter and I'd love to be working on it, but unfortunately I just can't right now as much as I'd like to. Thanks for everyone who's sticking with us through the drought, I really appreciate it.

-cynicalAutomaton aka thisisnotaustin
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Thanks everyone for reading!

-cynicalAutomaton aka thisisnotaustin
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What more could a guy ask for on Christmas?
(Chapter 5 coming this New Years. It'll be a good one, I promise)
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