Full Version: Sburbia Online ~ Chapter 5: Event Flags
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Kate: Be somebody else.

[Image: 8hg7mV1.png]

[Image: Etz0cdP.png]

You are now somebody else. Specifically, this young gentleman who's been stranded on the side of the road! Fortunately, your mechanical prowess has allowed you to handle the situation just fine. You got a little dirty, though, but that's okay. You can clean up once you get to your destination!

But before you can do that, you're going to need a proper name.

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> Clay Catalpa.

Your name is CLAY CATALPA. You live on a FARM with your POP, but that's not where you are now. Right now, you're on your way to your best friend JACK's house! Or you were, before your truck BROKE DOWN and you had to fix it. You plan to play computer games with your friends tonight, despite NOT BEING VERY GOOD WITH COMPUTERS. Jack assures you, however, that the game won't require much, or really any, knowledge of computers to play. Of all your friends, you are the only one who KNOWS HOW TO DRIVE, which is convenient considering how you also LIVE FAR AWAY.

You may not be good with computers, but you are very knowledgeable about FARMING, and you enjoy working on your Pop's farm very much. You also know your way around a SHOTGUN, but you never really have to use one for anything.

Your chumhandle is moonlitHootenanny and you talk real excited-like all the time!!
Clay: Get trucking.

Satisfied that your ve-hicle is again fully functional, you climb into it and rev up the engine. You bask in the noises it makes. True American engineering. You bring her onto the road and continue your short journey to your friend's house.

>Clay: Be past Clay.
>Clay: Be Jack.
>Clay: Be Kate.
> Clay: Be past Clay.
Clay: Be past Clay.

You are now past Clay. Like, an hour in the past. You are standing in your BEDROOM, which is actually the attic. It's hard to stand up straight in this room because of the sloping walls, but you can deal with it because you spend a lot of time OUTSIDE playing SPORTS or doing MANUAL LABOR. Posters of your various INTERESTS are taped to the walls. Said interests include COUNTRY MUSIC and the hottest online shooter, CALL OF WARFARE.

What will you do?
> Clay: Play a round of Call of Warfare, you've got time.
Clay: Play a round of Call of Warfare, you've got time.

You sit down at your little desk and turn on your COMPUTER. The thing is pretty ancient, but it still runs modern games okay. You boot up Call of Warfare and join a quick CTF match. They're in the middle of a best of 3 match, and your team appears to be losing. Fortunately, they have you on their team now! You're nowhere near as good as your buddy JACK but you still think you can...

Oh, never mind, you lost. But that's okay! It was still a mighty fine match if you do say so yourself. You stick around for a few more matches so that you can play a round start to finish instead of jumping in the middle of one. Your team still loses every time, but you DO manage to capture their flag once or twice!
> CLAY: Speaking of Jack, try to remember something about him.
Clay: Speaking of Jack, try to remember something about him.

Remember? How could you forget! You wouldn't miss your best pal's hoedown for all the corn in the field! It should be almost time to start heading over there, now that you think about it. What all was it he wanted you to bring? You can't quite recall...
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