Full Version: Sburbia Online ~ Chapter 5: Event Flags
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Kate: Look around area

You stand up and stretch. Sleeping on that bench for extended period of time is not as comfortable as one would think. Unless one would think it's not that comfortable. You look around your BACKYARD. Pretty much the entirety of it is taken up by your FLOWER GARDEN. A couple TREES provide shade in the corners while the rest is open to NATURAL SUNLIGHT. A STONE PATHWAY circles the inside of the perimeter while the center is taken up by your WIDE ARRAY OF FLORA. Flowering VINES creep along the white fence that cages the yard. Then there's the bench. You've seen the bench already. Directly across from the bench is a small set of wooden stairs that leads to the BACK DOOR of your home. Discarded by your feet also lays your trusty TROWEL.
==> Kate: Pick up TROWEL
Kate: Pick up trowel.

You don't pick up the TROWEL, because you have no current reason to be using it. Instead, you captchalogue the trowel into your LOVES-ME-NOT FETCH MODUS. The cards in this modus sit in a circle like flower petals, and you can only eject a card by ejecting every other card sequentially until you reach it. It is not a very efficient modus, as it only gives you access to half your cards most of the time.

Fortunately, the trowel is the only thing in there right now, so accessing it would be no problem.
==> Kate: Pick up some rocks/pebbles for your modus. Keeping it simple isn't fun.
Kate: Pick up some rocks/pebbles for your modus. Keeping it simple isn't fun.

You captchalogue THREE (3) PEBBLES into your fetch modus.
The trowel remains as the first card, so nothing has really changed.

Kate: Try Pestering curiousTerran now.

Not a bad idea. You go to do just that before realizing that you don't have your phone on you! Where could you have put that thing? You usually don't take it outside when you're gardening because you use a lot of tools and your fetch modus just makes taking it not worth it.

(A/N: did someone delete a suggestion just now or am I going crazy)
==> Kate: Go find and use your communication device to pester CT.
Kate: Go find and use your communication device to pester CT.

Come on, if everyone who wanted to just "find something" could do so by being commanded to, nobody would ever lose anything! And THEN where would we be? That's right. Atlantis.

...Okay that would actually be pretty cool. But I digress! This little lady's mobile device is going to have to be found through hard work and good old fashioned perseverance! We should leave her to it. You guys don't want to watch someone look for their phone for the next few updates, do you?

> Kate: Look for phone.
> Kate: Be somebody else.
> Somebody Else: Look for Kate's phone
==> How would that work? Ugh-
==> Kate: Look for phone
==> Kate: Be somebody else.
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