Full Version: Sburbia Online ~ Chapter 5: Event Flags
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You think you're clever, don't you?


[Image: 3ogWZUe.png]

[Image: 5T43yAf.png]

Your name is RYUJIN VOLNIN. If you haven't noticed, you're in JAIL. About a sweep ago, you were detained for acting out against an older highblooded troll. Such an offense would normally slate you for CULLING, but plans for torture in a top secret experimental CORRECTIONAL FACILITY saved you. Most would prefer death, honestly. But you plan to escape.

Your cell is slightly better furnished than most others, due to begrudgingly good behavior. Your cell contains two POSTERS, one of your favorite ACTION STAR, Troll Bruce Lee, and one of a very special COMPUTER GAME. You've also been provided a COMPUTER. It only gets internet between certain time slots, and they go through your files every night, but it's more than enough. You get a RECUPERACOON and a LOAD GAPER, too. They're not great.

Your trolltag is draconicPerfection and you xX_Type in a way that shows how elite you are_Xx
> Keep trolling your friend. Enemy. What's the difference.
Ryujin: Keep trolling your friend. Enemy. What's the difference.

[Image: wXw4y0b.png]

That dipshit is most definitely not your friend. He's nothing more than an accomplice. You trolled him earlier, but he hasn't responded yet. Not that you expected him to, really.

Normally you wouldn't risk discussing the plan over your chat client, Disgust, but today is supposed to be the day you escape, so it doesn't matter if those logs are still there by tonight.
>Examine poster.
> RYUJIN: Look outside.
Ryujin: Examine poster.

[Image: R8yO449.png]

That's a poster of your favorite movie of all time. You could watch TROLL BRUCE LEE beat up bad guys for fucking hours on end. Which is fortunate because that's literally what this movie is. Truly an under-appreciated cinematic masterpiece. You were able to net this bad boy by letting the guard have at you in the torture chambers for a few hours extra. Totally worth it. You still have scars. Which isn't really that surprising considering you're locked in a torture prison.

That hanging scroll next to the poster is a collector's item that came with buying the game you're supposed to play tonight. It came with the package, so you thought you might as well hang it up. You actually don't think the guard has noticed it yet.

Ryujin: Look outside.

[Image: hNQwUhv.png]

[Image: GEAgd7j.png]

You grip the steel bars of your cell door and stare out into the fog. Outside your cell is a sea of abandoned hive stems. Supposedly this prison was recycled from old hives. They had to be built ridiculously small to accommodate for the actual stems' extreme lack of girth. Trolls left for their own reasons. Mostly dissatisfaction. The remaining structures are old and decrepit. Most of these stems are still entirely empty, but off in the distance you can see the familiar lights of other prisons.
Ryujin: Shoot a Hadouken at the wall.

[Image: hNQwUhv.png]

Believe you, you've tried. Unfortunately, the powers of magic karate are just as real as any other magic thing, which is to say FAKE AS SHIT and NOT VERY REAL AT ALL.

Ryujin: Start up SBURBIA: ONLINE.

[Image: cm7xaAf.png]

You walk back to your computer and launch SBURBIA: ONLINE, your one-way ticket out of this dump. You're given a couple options on the main menu.


[Image: h7Zido8.gif]

But before you can enter anything, you get a message over Disgust. Maybe AG finally got off his lazy ass and replied.

[Image: vjB5zO5.png]

Oh, it's somebody else. Probably prison staff.


[Image: TAONbYJ.gif]

>Ryujin: Start guild.
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