Full Version: Sburbia Online ~ Chapter 5: Event Flags
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Jack: Try pestering CT now.

You decide you might have a better chance of contacting CT. She hardly ever leaves her room. Besides, if she left her house, you probably would have noticed. She's your neighbor, after all.

Welp, you're not getting that one over here any time soon. She's an untamable renegade. You suppose, by process of elimination, there's only one thing to do now.

Jack: Pester MH.

Having expended all other options, you try and see what your pal MH is up to.

Well, at least he left the house. But all your friends are still absent! And it doesn't look like any of them are going to arrive very quickly.

If you were them, they'd probably all be here by now. But unfortunately, you can't be them. Nobody could ever "be" another person. That would be preposterous.

==> Jack: Try to be someone else anyways.
Jack: Try to be someone else anyways.

[Image: zmwkakq.png]

[Image: MaPqw5M.png]

You are now this little lady. What's this little lady's name?
==> Sage Deborah
==> Kate Goodman
==> Cheery Catbreath
>Cheery Catbreath.

Rude! Who would name their child that?


Much better. Your name is KATE GOODMAN. You harbor such delightful interests as GARDENING and NEVER LEAVING THE HOUSE. Additionally, you've apparently fallen asleep in the GARDEN. Again. You just can't help yourself sometimes! It's so peaceful and quiet back here that you can't help but doze off to the gentle sounds of the WIND CHIMES. But that's fine, because today's SATURDAY. Whatever you were doing before couldn't possibly have been all that important.

Your chumhandle is delicateGreenhouse and your voice is kinda quiet compared to others...
==> Kate: Trying remembering. Something about JM maybe?...
Kate: Try remembering. Something about JM maybe?...

You try remembering something Jack-related. Ah, Jack. You remember that he is one of your VERY BEST FRIENDS. He can be ROWDY sometimes, and you think he sometimes takes games TOO SERIOUSLY, but you think it's charming in a way.

You don't know what you would do if you ever managed to somehow let him down!
==> Kate: Look around area
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