Full Version: Sburbia Online ~ Chapter 5: Event Flags
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Everyone: Be hyped.

It dawns on everyone at the same time that the moment you've all been waiting for is upon you. Nothing more stands in the way of you and what will surely be an epic game-play experience. You wait in agonizing suspense for the servers to pair your team up with a lobby that has room for you.

[Image: ubFlYcj.gif]

It takes a few seconds to find a match. It seems you're the second party to arrive. Jack's screen name is listed as your team's party leader. No matter. The entry process should keep you all busy. Your team has also been named "EARTHLINGS" by default.
> Pester draconicPerfection
> Jack: Wonder who those Alternians are.
Jack: Wonder who those Alternians are.

You wonder who those ALTERNIANS are. Maybe the game randomly assigns team names? And you just so happened to get one that accurately portrays your planet of origin. Or maybe they manually set that as their name.

In any case, their party leader is apparently 'draconicPerfection'. What an EDGELORD.

Jack: Pester draconicPerfection.

You don't have time for that! The game is starting! You vow to do it later. You want to give their team a good trashtalking once you have some free time.

> Begin entry.
> Game: Begin!
[S] Game: Begin!
♫ Persona 5 OST - Life Will Change (Instrumental) ♫

[Image: Ud6CBcS.gif]

You look up to the sky and see a damn meteor is about to collide with your house. Wow... that thing's coming in hot. And... really quickly. You should probably move out of the way or something.

[Image: aeR4xtc.gif]

>Wake up, Get up and Get out of there!
Wake up, Get up and Get out of there!

[Image: wqrfrrY.png]

You didn't have a lot of time to consciously duck for cover, and the blast sorta threw everyone off to the side. Safely looking from wherever you were tossed, however, you can make out a strange machine sitting amongst the smoke where the meteor crashed.
==> Inspect machine
Jack: Inspect machine.

You'll be honest: you really don't want to. The fucker fell from the sky! It could have space cooties or something! But you're your team's fearless leader. You need to guide them in times of need. So you approach the object with extreme caution.

The machine has four identical screens on its four sides. They're all off, currently. There's also a wheel on the side of a short tube jutting from the top. There's a green spirograph logo printed on top of the tube's lid.

You give the wheel a spin. As it clicks mechanically, it starts to provide resistance. You give a little elbow grease after it almost stops turning entirely, and it finally gives. The symmetrical LED screens flicker to life and display a countdown: 15:00. It starts ticking down. The lid on top also flips open, and out of it floats an insanely bright flashing ball of light.
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