Full Version: (The Grand) Hemospectrum Test! [V2] (Both Canon and Infinite results) (UPDATED)
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Wow, this is an obnoxious color, you can barely read it. A total mutant color too (or at least really lime-blooded). Not what I was expecting but pretty nice.
This is so cool!
I did the diffrent methods
1. #999EFF (V= 100%= mutant)
2. #999E00 (V= 62%= not a mutant)
3. #9FEA98 (V= 92%= mutant)
infinite and semi-canon

edit: just did it again and here are my updated results

infinite and semi-canon
always thought i was a yellowblood but apparently i'm a mutant bronzeblood, nice
Apparently, I'm a low-tier, non-mutant limeblood (hue 78). Shame it's not higher, I'm usually put pretty solidly in the Olive caste.
I got Emerald from this, gosh I really appreciate this method of hemoassignment, and I'm hoping to find some refuge in this color for a while. Thank you!
yooo this is really cool and well planned out!!! i got Russet and I’m just another stereotypical troll :O
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