Full Version: (The Grand) Hemospectrum Test! [V2] (Both Canon and Infinite results) (UPDATED)
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wow I'm low AF...on the other side there is a very high chance of getting some sweet psiionics
so guess im a mutant red (canon) and mutant russet (semi-canon),,,, nice,,,

had -> 24 H and 100 V
Everyone bow down to me cause I got a hue of 345
Infinite method
HSV: 80/68/91, mutant lime

Semi-canon method
HSV: 80/100/91, still mutant lime

How fitting, lmao
I'd be dead for two separate reasons,
I'm a mutant AND a limeblood
Wheeee ヽ(^。^)丿
I'm not surprised at all lmao

A very well-made quiz, I'm highly impressed
6 out of 5 hats
The questions really do matter and it all makes perfect sense, really

PS: I'm gonna type in this bright ass color from now on
Infinite and Semi-Canon
Canonically I'd be Lime, Hue:88, but their extinct XP
Funnily enough I've gotten Lime several times before on personality quiz based and birth date based blood color tests.
Might as well use my semi-canon color for myself, then.
Infinite and Semi-Canon
here's what i got

infinite method
semi-canon/canon method
My canon blood color! Well shit. I'm a limey. I guess that makes me sooper speshul though. This is a really cool quiz, some of the questions are really interesting.
I am an Emerald blood. yay!!! hue 148. this is amazing. I do act like kanaya and nepet(more kanaya). this is so true. I love it. thanks so much for making this.
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