Full Version: (The Grand) Hemospectrum Test! [V2] (Both Canon and Infinite results) (UPDATED)
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(05-10-2017 02:54 AM)Ghostsoul Wrote: [ -> ]
(05-09-2017 08:45 PM)ConfuzzledCucumber Wrote: [ -> ]:( Well I'm a mutant russet blood though its more orange (H 27, V 100) or a very pink blood in the infinite method

(05-09-2017 04:38 PM)freeMiliu_2K01 Wrote: [ -> ]Upd8ed Infinite Blood Color!
Upd8ted Semi-Canon Blood Color!

Kinda disappointed that I'm not a seadweller this time, but Purple Blood Mutant is still interesting! :)

Twilight = 9700DC (Value = 86%, Hue = 281)

Did you change the Value back to what you got originally? Both of you?

Yes since I thought a few of my answers were rushed when I first did this, and I think this results suits me a bit more :)
Either way, infinite or Semi-canon, I'm extinct. Fudge.
(05-10-2017 03:12 PM)Calamari Wrote: [ -> ]Trollsona RP chat based on this test?

I'll very much be up for that!
I didn't know that I had to keep the different sections separate. Damnit.

Pblf I got fuchsia. I honestly was expecting something in the middle. Can I start my world domination yet?
Interesting test! I'm a limeblood apparently, with #57A400.
Infinite results.

Semi-canon results. I'm a purple blood (which is my favorite blood color in Homestuck.) I'm literally 4 hues away from being a seadweller.
Infinite Semi Canon (Hue of 190) I think it's funny that I got teal, being that it's my favorite color :)
updated infinite
updated semi-canon

I'm from an extinct caste, I guess.

Somehow, if you take my grayish jade infinite result and put it in the HSV converter, it would still count as lime. Just barely, though.
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