Full Version: (The Grand) Hemospectrum Test! [V2] (Both Canon and Infinite results) (UPDATED)
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First and foremost, this test uses both percentages and numbers to determine the results. It's always fairly long (77 questions, and then there is the various calculations to be done at the end). Despite the numerous questions, it shouldn't take too long to complete since the questions are on a Likert scale.

1. I suggest getting a word document/notepad/sheet of paper out because you'll need to write down your results for all three sections of the test. I also suggest using your computer calculator to add them all together.
2. Don't scroll down to the bottom until you finish it'll just ruin the results.
3. Remember to add your results as you go along, just put them into your calculator and press '=' at the end.

Here's the Likert scale we'll be using:
1 - Very Strongly Disagree
2 - Strongly Disagree
3 - Disagree
4 - Slightly Disagree
5 - Neutral (Neither Agree or Disagree)
6 - Slightly Agree
7 - Agree
8 - Strongly Agree
9 - Very Strongly Agree
10 - Perfect Description of me

First Section: Begin.

1. I have a belief in esoteric techniques, such as astrology.

2. I take an interest in the idea of 'social justice'.

3. I love associating myself with all things paranormal.

4. A thirst for adventure runs in my blood.

5. I have very detailed knowledge and believe deeply in, the existence of an afterlife.

6. I don't take much of an interest in conventional sciences.

7. I love nature and feel I can finally be myself within it!

8. You believe you have had at least one paranormal experience.

9. You feel as if you have an affinity for animals.

10. I love investigating the unexplained.

11. People have often told me my beliefs are 'irrational', but that doesn't bother me.

12. I have owned and cared for many pets in my life.

13. I feel as if I may have predicted the future at least once.

14. I take a rather passive approach to life, I prefer things to happen to me rather than make things happen myself.

15. I would love to join a Ghost Hunting expedition! (Or something similar)

16. Most of my friends and people around me often consider me weird.

17. I am fond of cold, windy weather and environments.

18. I would love to visit the wilderness!

19. I can easily persuade people to see my point of view.

20. I'm fairly good at saving money and watching finances.

21. You believe that not everything can be explained through scientific explanation.

22. I have generally kept the religious beliefs that my parents or carers share.

23. Quite a few people would say that I'm 'scary' or 'spooky'.

24. Lots of people might see me as 'mystical'.

25. I value my freedom, above all else.

26. My Blood Type is 'O' (Positive or Negative)
[1] NO [5] YES

Second Section: Begin

1. I keep a cool head in most situations.

2. Lots of people come to me for advice on their problems.

3. I love expanding the base of my knowledge.

4. I have an extensive vocabulary.

5. My favourite kinds of stories are ones with lots of complex world-building.

6. I would love to be a: lawyer, teacher, architect, town planner or something similar.

7. I'm pretty good at acting as a guide for people.

8. Most people consider me sensible in some way.

9. I don't like leaping to conclusions, I frequently analyse the best possible solution from the situation I'm faced with.

10. I have a strong sense of what's wrong and right, justice and injustice.

11. I'm confident in my abilities of teamwork.

12. I'm good at working out others intentions.

13. I see myself as fairly feminine, regardless of actual gender.

14. I dabble in fairly 'intellectual' hobbies, such as mathematics, science, and literature.

15. I have good coordination which allows me to do tasks such as sewing or hunting.

16. I think I can tell how people are feeling most of the time.

17. People tell me I'm rather 'agreeable'.

18. I have some appreciation for beauty and fashion.

19. I feel I can sort out issues between two different people well and help them see each other's perspectives.

20. I'm talented at debating.

21. I am concerned about politics and the general state of the world. Although I change and adapt my political standings when new information arises.

22. I generally have a calming, or at least positive influence on the people around me.

23. I love reading.

24. I know not to speak out against my superiors or those who are above me.

25. I will frequently speak about the options available to myself or others.

26. My Blood Type has 'A' in it (So, A(-/+) or AB(-/+).)
[1] NO [5] YES

Third Section: Begin

1. I have many opinions, and I'm not afraid to share them, even at the wrong times.

2. People might regard me as 'antagonistic' because I frequently challenge others.

3. I'm more aggressive than most people I know.

4. People have been physically hurt when I have been angry before.

5. My favourite stories are ones with a lot of action or shock value.

6. I have an air or sense of superiority around me.

7. I would consider myself fairly masculine, regardless of my actual gender.

8. I wouldn't be afraid to get into a physical fight with someone else.

9. I'm very enthusiastic about my hobbies - even in a way that it's intense to others.

10. I am a frequent cause of drama among my friends.

11. I've been told that I'm very hardworking.

12. People say I'm inflexible, but I don't like to change who I am.

13. I take an interest in the military or wars that have gone on through history.

14. I'm loud, brash and bold, regardless of the situation.

15. Others might see me as 'a bit unstable'.

16. I don't care if I have to 'step on' other people in order to reach my goals.

17. I am conservative, politically.

18. My self-esteem is rock solid.

19. I am ambitious and aspire to one day achieve many great things.

20. I am a very 'active' person, I want to make events happen in my life, rather than just have things happen to me.

21. I'm very confrontational.

22. I am fond of warm weather and temperatures.

23. Attempts to calm myself down when angry have often not succeeded.

24. I care a lot about physical and material goods that I own.

25. I generally have a good physical well-being and hardly ever get sick.

26. My Blood Type has 'B' in it? (B (+/-) or AB (+/-).)
[1] NO [5] YES.

To be more compliant with the idea of the extended Zodiac, as well as help with the balancing of results. If you really want to skip this step, you can. But it's perhaps not recommended.

Depending on your zodiac sign (you may go with your rising sign if you prefer or know it) add some extra points to each section. However, do not exceed 255 in terms of total. Regardless of how many points you are told to add.
Aries: 35 to Section 1
Taurus: 35 to Section 1, 11 to Section 2
Gemini: 35 to Section 1, 35 to Section 2
Cancer: 17 to Section 1, 35 to Section 2
Leo: 11 to Section 1, 35 to Section 2
Virgo: 35 to Section 2, 11 to Section 3
Libra: 35 to Section 2, 35 to Section 3
Scorpio: 17 to Section 2, 35 to Section 3
Saggitarius: 11 to Section 2, 35 to Section 3
Capricorn: 17 to Section 1, 35 to Section 3
Aquarius: 35 to Section 1, 35 to Section 3
Pisces: 35 to Section 1, 17 to Section 3


Infinite Method:
Called as such because it allows any colour to effectively be a blood colour.
The infinite method really isn't the best choice for working out your results, but it's the easiest way to do it:
You'll need to go here and input each of the numbers you obtained from each section:
Your results from Section 1 go in 'R'
Your results from Section 2 go in 'G'
Your results from Section 3 go in 'B'

Here is my results from the Infinite Method as an example:

[Image: IfUV0yO.png]

The idea any colour could be a blood colour is fun, however, it tends to create rather mutant 'grey' blood colours (although this specific result might get away with being okay). Onto the next method.

Semi-Canon/Canon Method.
Allows you to access a whole rainbow of colours, without having awful 'grey' mutants mixed in, this involves taking away your lowest score (and making it 0).
If two scores are equal then take away the one that is the higher blood colour. I.E if Section 2 (G) and Section 3 (B) were equally low, then take away Section 3/B.

Again, here is an example with my results:

[Image: dMr5Rjh.png]

Here's where it gets a bit more complicated, take what originally was your lowest value and half it.
111/2 = 55.5

and add this value to whichever result you had was highest:
132 + 55.5 = 187

[Image: 0ZkEwEg.png]

Now change the 'V' to whatever your original V was after taking away the other number:
[Image: rO0RSgN.png]
This will give you a new average.

Now go to a HGV converter: This one here:

and input the code you see.
My code is: #005485

If your 'Brightness/Value' is above 85% or below 15% this makes you a mutant!

[Image: tCvv5Dc.png]

This makes more sense for a troll blood colour, however, it is not true to the '12' canon blood colours than Hussie claimed.

To do this you need to check the 'hue' value of your number and compare it to the listing below:
(These are rough values if you want to go with the 'only 12' blood colours idea, use these)

0-29 Red
15-29 Russet
30-59 Bronze
45-59 Tawny
60-74 Gold
75-89 Lime
95-159 Olive
120-159 Emerald
160-179 Jade (Numbers that end in '0' or '5' can become rainbow drinkers, numbers that end in '0' can walk into the sun unharmed.)
170-179 Ocean (or Viridian)
180-209 Teal
199-209 Sapphire
210 - 239 Cerulean
225-239 Midnight
240 - 269 Indigo
250-269 Ultramarine
270 - 299 Purple (if you are above 284 consider yourself a seadweller)
286-299 Twilight
300 - 329 Violet
315 - 329 Fandango (or Byzantium)
330 - 345 Fuchsia (If you are at 330, you might be next in line for the throne).
340 - 345 Coral (and quite possibly mutant!)
So this is my blood colour? Pretty nifty. Great work!
This is my result. A hue of 70! Good job on the test!
Honk-glub, motherheckers. (Hue of 296)
Son of a fuck. My lime ass is extinct. Not to mention I'm just teetering on the edge of being mutant (H=84).
At least green's my favourite colour. I can die happy with that knowledge.

Okay but in all seriousness, this is a very well-done test and hats off to you for writing this whole thing. Even if I'm dead.
You planned this didn't you.
Infinite and Semi-Canon.
honestly thought i was an oliveblood, but hey im not complainin. i gots wicked-ass yellowblood powers
and it looks like im not the only one compared to everyone else's results (also hahA get Rekt alienoid)
This is the resulting color.
RGB 68/198/112
Hex 44C670
HSV 154/100/77.6

An interesting test.
Infinite and Semi-Canon

R/G/B: 100/201/148
Hex: #64C994
HSV: 164/100/78.8

I always knew I'd be jade blood trash, I never knew I'd be nearly mutant jade trash. If you drop my value to 50, you get nearly-kanaya jade.
Well then

Hue of 165: jade blood rainbow drinker. Neato, cool test GS
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