Full Version: Group for Overseer v2?
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I haven't played it in a group with other people in a long time and I would like to. Preferably, we would organize our titles, lands, and server-client relationships ahead of time to have access to the most resources. I would like to use Discord as it's easier for me to keep track of than MSPARP. You don't have to RP as a character - you can literally just come as yourself.

If you're interested, here's the Discord link:
Is this still going on or...?
Sure! Sorry, just haven't been active lately.
That's fine, but cool!
Looking for more people!
Can I join?
(03-28-2017 08:41 AM)apatheticEngineer Wrote: [ -> ]Heckels!

By that, I mean sure! The more the merrier.
Could I join too?
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