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First of all, Horuss isn't Equius. Even if Hussie in the third part of Openbound aka Meenahquest said that
those two are actually pretty different. Just like most of Dancestors, honestly.

For the record, according to Aranea "His name means "He Who Stalks With The Muscle8easts"."


Horuss start his line with that Freudian thing that he calls his smiling face but it also looks like male genitalia 8=D <
Standard operating procedure: space before and after "<"
Note that that prefix only applies to dead Horuss after he had met Beta Trolls (Equius and Nepeta, in particular). The story goes like this: he met Equius and Nepeta, he seen their stable morallegiance and decided to replicate it with Meulin. The result is honestly kinda wrong (like many things with Horuss) - Meulin told him that in order to fight his anger he needs to repress it under a fake smile hence him prefacing his messages with that smiley face. Before Meulin told him that he was using angry face as a prefix and here are his canon examples:
ᕦ(ò д óˇ)ᕤ

The letter %
Horuss replaces both regular and capital "x" with "%". Also he's been shown spelling the word "fiddlesticks" as "F*DDLEST*%" and "reflects" as "refle%" and "ask" as "a%" so he also replaces "ks"-sounds with "%".

(why has Mortal Kombat never had such a fatality is beyond me. Just imagine. "LIU KANG WINS. PROFANITY")

Horuss goes one step beyond Equius who merely disliked swear words. Horuss uses very toned-down swears AND censors them. Good examples of his self-censoring are "F*DDLEST*%" and "s*lly". Hell, he even censored "whoops" as "wh**ps". To add one more quote from Horuss,
#My mouth is quite the l*ad g*per today.
In other words, pretend you're that overly-protective mom out-of-touch with basically everything talking to her child and so just tone down your swear words to utterly homeopathy-esque levels and THEN censor a letter or two in them.

Unlike Equius, who only captalizes the word "STRONG" (and its deriviatives) and "STRENGTH" Horuss capitalizes every synonym of that word. Canon examples are FORTIFY and deSTRENGTHening.
For the record, whenever Horuss says "steam power" he doesn't capitalize the word "power".
(Suggested)Feel free to toss in something like "It MIGHT happen", however.

Unlike Equius who doesn't use end-line punctuation, Horuss uses it with no problem.
So here's how these two would say "Hm. I guess it can be possible"

D --> Hm
D --> I guess it c001d be a possibility

8=D < Hm. I guess it MIGHT be possible.

Unlike Equius, Horuss revels in horse puns AND horse-themed vocabulary in general. He will ram as many horse puns into his words as he could.
Here are canon examples and some suggested stuff

Your Highness - Your Harness/Hayness/Horseness
Heard - Herd
Ball of nerves - Bale of nerves
Resorting - Resnorting
Who - Whoof
Honestly - Horsenestly
Dancestors - Dressagecestors
Nay - Neigh

Merely - Marely
Other - Udder
Utter - Udder
Shudder - Udder
Under - Udder
Tale - Tail
Of course - Of horse (NOTE: he has been shown to use "of course' without any puns in canon, however)
I have - I hoof
Addled - Saddled
First - Spurst
Ampora - Amspura
Main - Mane
Foolish - Foalish
Metaphor - Metahorse
Corase - Horse

He also uses horse-related metaphors sich as:

[...] But lately I've been attempting to canter down a trail of nonviolence.[...]
I've been saddled for so long with anger and hostility

In other words, don't be afraid to use as many horse-related similies as you can, describe them in unnecessary details and hopefully both you and your roleplaying partner wold get some giggles out of it.

Horuss replaces "ool" with 001 and "loo" with 100, this extends even to 'ool' and 'loo' sounds, like "f100d" and "b100". However, while Equius goes out of his way to shove as many "ool" and "loo" containing words Horuss uses them more sparingly, preferring to pepper his speech with horse-related vocabulary. Then again, unlike Equius, Horuss doesn't feel 100% - he feels incomplete and hollow.


So, as I said, Horuss isn't Equius.
Both are horse-themed
Both are weird.
Both make others uncomfortable.
But deep down Equius is nice (he tried protecting Nepeta and only failed to do it once because of Gamzee; he built Vriska and Tavros robotic bodyparts) while Horuss is wrong.

Horuss urges to maintain an interesting and a complex personality (something that Equius does have) but fails at it: he picks up others' personality traits without thinking and the result looks kinda tacky. not to mention that no matter what, Horuss' horse obsession always shines through.
He started a morallegiance with Meulin only after he's seen Nepeta and Equius together. He started to force himself to smile all the time because Meulin told him that repressing his anger would be a good idea. He is flushdating Rufioh but he doesn't listen to Rufioh, actually. Basically, he picks up traits from others all the time but no matter what he is doing, he is doing it wrong.

Unlike Equius who sticks to hemospectrum but still helps others, Horuss is trying to be polite but sticks to hemospectrum and so insults pretty much everyone.

Here we have him talking to Kankri
HORUSS: 8=D < So true, friend. Your wisdom truly transcends your degenerate, mildly nauseating mutant b100d.

And here he's talking to Damara
HORUSS: 8=D < I suppose Rufioh should ask. He's always been the only one who can parse your vulgar, peasant tongue.
HORUSS: 8=D < Not that I would e%pect a lowly rust b100ded singleton like you to understand

And here he's talking about Meulin aka his moirail!
If you a%ed me before we all died whether I would consider romantically pairing with a r*d*culous midb100d, let alone Ms. Leijon of all people, I'd probably have died regardless, due to laughter-induced asphy%iation.

More on personality traits
So, as it was said above, Horuss tends to pick up traits from others, even if in his case it's more of wrapping those traits around a horse theme that he's always happy to demonstrate. Because despite all added traits Horuss remains himself. Under his layer of forced smile (bestowed on him by Meulin) there is just anger. But underneath this anger there is just an emptiness. Basically Horuss has been listening to the void inside him (whatever the hell THAT means) which drove him completely insane.

Personality traits - suggestion TW:headcanons
Speakigng of personality traits, Horuss is a Page Of Void which PROBABLY amounts to being someone having a potential born of nothingness. Hence his desire to build his personality from blank state by picking other's traits.
So feel free to make him slowly adapt to others' speech patterns and typing quirks during the roleplay. Of course he is still wrong at his core so feel free to screw it up, becoming liknda like a funhouse mirror, warping other character's speech pattern. Like, when talking to Rose start slowly using more and more complicated words over time but use them completely ridiculously, like, dunno, "and equine MIGHT has been coursing through my veins, arteries and capillars like an untamed hoofbeast, trampling my b100d cells udder his hooves, making them scream in sweet agony".
Or how about Horuss who has been hanging out with Kankri for too much and started to pick on social justice while still being wrong about it? "Now, please do not use an m-word when describing a cr*me against a nature that is an offspec troll because calling a disg*sting fr**kshow with rep*lsive sl*dge r*tting in their veins with slurs is a blatant microagression and is not okay" ("m-word" is a "mutant", of course)
Or, how about Horuss who was spedning too much time with Cronus and learned some pickup techniques?

Damara got broken over the fact that Horuss stole her matesprit (Rufioh) when Meenah started to rub it in her face, alongside with her other bullying. We know that when Damara snapped she attacked Rufioh which resulted in him being paralyzed from his neck down. We know that Damara fought Meenah and killed her afterwards. But whether she has attacked Horuss or not is unknown. The relationship between those two is very open to interpretation. After all, their only interactions in canon boil down to Damara being her vulgar self while Horuss is being his blockheaded self. Damara did say to Rufioh that she warned him about the fact that he'll regret his matespritship with Horuss.
BAsically, if you do roleplay Horuss and run into Damara it opens many wonderful roleplaying possibilitites because their relationship is barely defined in canon. Is she mad at Horuss? Is he mad at her? And why is he mad: because she harmed the one he loves or because she nearly took away his posession?

Horuss loves Rufioh. Except when he doesn't. Because he doesn't even waste his time on such things as listening to Rufioh and his needs. When Damara has crippled Rufioh Horuss build him a robotic body. A robotic HORSE body. Despite Rufioh never having shown any interest in horses. Moreover, Rufioh says to Meenah the following:

RUFIOH: 1 always wanted to thank you for stand1ng up for me... you know, when she cr*ppled me... even though 1t cost ya... that was pure class, pe1xes, 1'll never forget 1t.

Speaking of robotic body, here's what Rufioh thought of it:

RUFIOH: lost my w1ngs though wh1ch sucked... and k1nd of awkward just hav1ng a real guy's head on top of a b1g metal body and mak1ng all those d*mn legs move the r1ght way, you know... trott1ng 1s hard work yo.

Also here's what Horuss says to Meenah about him dating Rufioh:
In other words, Horuss thought it'd be just a fling to spice up his life but he somehow fell in love with Rufioh. Thing is, just like Equius and Aradia, Horuss hardly is interested in Rufioh's personality which is reflected on him hardly ever listening to Rufioh who is badrelationshipstuck.

The relationship between those two is hardly defined in canon. Horuss will probably berate Mituna for his low blood while Mituna will probably alternate between insulting Horuss for his bigotry and overly exsessive fetishishm and saying 1M TH0RRY

Meulin is Horuss' moirail. Given her atrocious advice of trying to control his anger by wearing a forced smile all the time AND the fact that Horuss only started this relationship to emulate Equius and Nepeta, it is probably not a working relationship. But their interaction can be good for laughs, with Horuss siggesting that Meulin should rewrite her latest flushfic by making all the characters horses or centaurs. Or, dunno, make Horuss rub in Meulin's face her status as a midblood while trying to praise her as his "stabilizing moirail"


Here's the only canon interaction between these two
So yeah, basically Horuss freaks Porrim out (happy State-The-Obvious Day). Horuss would probably call Porrim "a ridiculous midblood" and PERHAPS berate her for being a Rainbow Drinker. Feel free to make him talk to her about feminism and get it all wrong and/or praise her for her revolutionary views which could actually surpass her rev*lting state as a rainbow-drinking m*nstr*sity or something like that

Horuss confuses Aranea due to them having opposite aspects. To quote Aranea here,
ARANEA: Void is easily the most mysterious aspect, the one which inherently defies rational understanding. This makes it particularly fascinating, and just as frustrating, to light players such as myself.
But again, nothing much has been shown.
Feel free to make Aranea's tendency to unleash exposition on others to backfire by asking her to tell you more about legendary hoofbeasts and musclebeasts. Or about human furry culture.

Again, those two haven't been shown interacting. Horuss probably respects Kurloz due to Kurloz being a higher blood. You could talk to him about Meulin or about his religion, completely missing the point of it.

Those two have never been shown interacting either. Horuss probably tolerates Cronus, highbloods and all that. Or maybe he respects a fellow otherkin. Or, maybe, he dislikes Cronus because he is a humankin while Horuss is a horse.
For the sake of a roleplay, I'd say go with what will be more funny or more tragic, depending on your preferred style.

Horuss adores Meenah (because she is the highest blood). And freaks her out. Funnily enough, he cares more about hemospectrum than she does.

Horuss and Kankri are somewhat close, Kankri is always happy to start defending Horuss' identity as a horse. Horuss, in his trademark fashion, misses most of Kankri's points. Here is Kankri defending Horuss' beliefs against Meenah and what happened out of it


Horuss isn't Equius
Horuss isn't nice
Horuss isn't stable.
Horuss is wrong about things he applies.
Horuss is off-putting.
Horuss is kinda empty inside.
Horuss is often picking others' traits for himself.
Horuss is always talking about horses in much more detail than it is comfortable for others to know.
Horuss is a gag character whos life is a nightmare (just like most of the Alpha trolls)
really nice guide!!!!! its so detailed and gives a nice explanation of horuss's whole character per say ( i like the relationships examinations)
one of the most detailed guides ive seen in a while :>
Pretty detailed, well written, and finally, a Horuss guide. Nicely done.
Damn Fubar, back at it again with those expertly given thoughts upon a character and how they act/react.
A great, informative guide that brings a lot about Horuss to light. Bookmarked. ;)
Very nice and incredibly detailed. A little thing I noticed though; Cronus and Horrus wouldn't get along based on the hemospectrum, as we see when Karkat contacts Equius to help with Gamzee; Equius states that landwelling highbloods and violetbloods (although he does say seadweller, I doubt he'd act this with a fuschia) feud, and even that Equius commonly insults Eridan. "CG: BUT THAT DOESN'T STOP YOU FROM RIPPING ON ERIDAN, I KNOW FOR A FACT YOU DON'T LIKE HIM ". This may pass over to Beforus as well.
Whaddayathink, I did forget to mention the Alternian rivalry. Well, I'm stupid.

Thing is, according to hemospectrum land- and seadwellers truly do not get along. But that rivalry having been deeply rooted in tradition was confirmed only for Alternia.

I.e., it may pass over to Beforus or it may not. It all depends on two things:

1) Either you support the idea that Horuss likes (or dislikes) Cronus and so you use the appropriate Beforus-related headcanons to support this idea
2) Or you really dig the idea of Alternia's rivalry between land- and seadwellers and want this dynamics brought over to Beforus, perhaps under a different paint but keeping the rivalry. Or you really want Beforus to have land- and seadwellers get along. Thing is, you want to explore this idea in your roleplay. Then you should adjust the relationship between Horuss and Cronus accordingly.

What is the right choice? Whatever works for you and your partner's roleplay.
"Then again, unlike Equius, Horuss doesn't feel 100% - he feels incomplete and hollow."


This is a really thorough guide! I like how much work you did on his typing style, because that's one thing that really sells the character, especially with characters like minor alpha trolls (read: every alpha troll but Aranea and Meenah) who never got much canon development. You can sell your (reasonable) headcanons with any character, so long as you package them right.

Any guide would be incomplete without talk about the "void" inside him, and how he genuinely believes he built himself up from nothing, and I think you did really well with that. If I were to argue with one thing, I'd wager that he's not "listening to the void within himself" so much as he's violently averse to it and avoiding it at all costs - figuring out who he is is terrifying, since he looks at himself and feels like there's nothing worthwhile there, so he took to building up an identity instead, and doesn't really have a very good idea of what an identity is. To me it seems more like the "void" in him is something he's desperately trying to fill, and has instead just managed to cover and bury.

Horuss strikes me as an aggressively cobbled-together personality. The hemospectrum gives him something to be and a place to belong? Great! He loves it. Kankri really likes and supports this new identity? Great! It's his whole life now. Rufioh's willing to be in a relationship with him? Great! They're in love and they're going to stay in love forever. What a wonderful life he's built himself from nothing, this is how people work.

And you got those personality traits pretty spot on. I've been wanting to do some writing for Horuss for a while, but could just never pin down his manner of speech or some of the finer points of his character, and this has been a huge help - thanks for a great guide! And for giving this weird, gross, uncomfortable, like 300% racist, sorta-wrong-in-every-way-possible boy the attention I still feel like he deserves. It's hard to find guides that really get a character as an entire character worth explaining while still managing to make statements like "But deep down Equius is nice (he tried protecting Nepeta and only failed to do it once because of Gamzee; he built Vriska and Tavros robotic bodyparts) while Horuss is wrong."

This is solid work!
(Tfw you accidentally tap the spade but you meant to heart the post.)

Very good guide! I've always had a bit of trouble understanding Horuss, this explains a whole lot of things, thanks so much.
(09-06-2017 10:57 PM)Gamizle Makarizzle Wrote: [ -> ](Tfw you accidentally tap the spade but you meant to heart the post.)

Very good guide! I've always had a bit of trouble understanding Horuss, this explains a whole lot of things, thanks so much.

And you can always tap/click the spade icon again to unspade the post in question.
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