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You cannot see any screen of sort, maybe the author is perhaps too lazy to draw such characters in pixel form. Well, you have blood color to decide. If it IS perhaps blood color.

Player 1: Fox
Player 2: Doe
Player 3: Pika
Player 4: Hare
Player 5: Wolf
Player 6: Squirrel
Player 7: Dog
Player 8: Fish
Player 9: TYLERR RUKA - Cat
Player 10: Spider
Player 11: Chinchilla
Player 12: Cheetah
Player 13: BROOKE EZLIA - Snake
Player 14: Bobcat
Player 15: Cheetah 2
Player 16: Raccoon
Player 17: Rabbit
Player 18: Crow

A verity to choose from, but for now, which will you start to introduce?
=> Introduce the Snake.
(10-29-2016 06:46 AM)Fubar Wrote: [ -> ]>Crow

(10-29-2016 06:48 AM)mutedMahogany Wrote: [ -> ]=> Introduce the Snake.

(10-29-2016 07:10 AM)TabbyKitty Wrote: [ -> ]==> CCCCAAAAATTTTTTT

Oh dear, you do not know which to pick.
All look quite good, but you might as well go with a lower blood.

[Image: Md4e0zv.png]
You are now the cat-- Oh.

>Enter name! Water Kitty!
(10-29-2016 08:29 AM)Fubar Wrote: [ -> ]>CAT: ZOOM OUT
[Image: oo9UgHz.gif]

Alright, there we go.
A young tom sits down near the door of his room, as such, its not even close to your birthday. You don't think it's anyone's birthday today nonetheless. Those.. Those aren't your real arms. But for the sake of the art style, your real pair of arms are hidden.

(10-29-2016 11:35 PM)TabbyKitty Wrote: [ -> ]>Enter name! Water Kitty!

[Image: xbjMEe8.gif]

...Water Kitty?
Now where did you get that?
You don't really have anything to do with water, besides, you HATE it.

> Try again?
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