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(02-09-2017 01:48 PM)Xitout Wrote: [ -> ]>BROOKE: Adventure outside.

(02-10-2017 10:42 AM)ariniscool123 Wrote: [ -> ]Adventure outside, only to run into a wild character select screen.

[Image: Q6vblD3.png]
[Image: q1rASAW.png]
There it is.
Now, who will you be?
Become the fluffer reminiscent of Roxy three right of the snake.
(02-13-2017 06:08 AM)Fubar Wrote: [ -> ]>BE CYCLOPS

(02-17-2017 11:46 AM)ariniscool123 Wrote: [ -> ]Become the fluffer reminiscent of Roxy three right of the snake.

Hum, two characters eh? Well, it would be hard to chose maybe one for this situation.. So..
[Image: 2QkElaZ.png]

[Image: O5l0svb.png]
Yeah, no. Fusion? at this time and place? Well, its going to be something planned in the future.. but the FUTURE. Something with purpose and not some blank and not needed SU references.

[Image: F8v4lXO.png]
Anyway, a fox and a raccoon wake up at the right moment to introduce themselves. Lets continue this horrid adventure, shall we?

Cyclops McRaccoonfacerson
Foxy LaBlonde
Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian if male
Owlet Mcboo and Triggered Feminist if female
[Image: CikzEoo.png]
Moved to MSPFA under the new name and plot: FluffySick
Will be working on this more as i gather more ideas for CRACKED.
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