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(10-30-2016 06:57 AM)TabbyKitty Wrote: [ -> ]>Sully?

Sully? That's quite silly, though its still NOT your name.

[Image: gQIIPHI.gif]

[Image: XC0zckb.gif]
Lets get rid..

[Image: sUmtBZl.gif]
Of this stupid name!
Better. Now for a MUCH suiting one.

(10-30-2016 11:09 AM)rainbowScarlet Wrote: [ -> ]> SHMITTYWEBENYAEGERMANJENSON

[Image: F5jOXbv.png]


[Image: eVYhvp9.gif]
You broke him.

Your name is TYLERR RUKA, the teal blood of your group. Your Chirphandle is duplexMonarch and you type with attitude and tone, with none of expression. as such.
Your friends say your color is quite too bright, but fuck that, its your blood color.
You are current rivals with the Lady Bobcat, though its quite childish you might admit.
You have various of playing cards and notes from friend to friend around your room. To be honest your room is quite 'messy'. You sleep on a pile of old clothing you wore when you were younger. But the only clothing you could wear now is pants, as shirts are ripped by your chest fluff. Weird. You have a passion to stab things, but your aim is very weak. You also like to bully some of your friends sometimes when you are bored. Though its friendly. Friendly.
Now that's done, what should you do?

>Pester someone online!
(10-31-2016 02:17 AM)TabbyKitty Wrote: [ -> ]>Pester someone online!

[Image: mvlaAaL.gif]
Alright, as log as you could find it in your FETCH MODUS.
You weld the FLUFFMODUS, as of course, you pull/put card in your.. fluff.
It's quite bothersome since you never know what you are going to pull out, so you try to use it when you actually need to. To put your phone in there... You don't know why.
After a bit of exploring you finally find your handy dandy phone.
[Image: CFFcTM6.gif]
Heh, it already seems someone is already chriping you.
>Answer chum.
Heh, oh well.

>BE THE [custom]
==>Be the Hare. Keep the Time.
(10-31-2016 09:18 PM)Fubar Wrote: [ -> ]>EXAMINE ROOM
(11-01-2016 07:39 AM)TabbyKitty Wrote: [ -> ]==>LOOK AROUND THE ROOM!

[Image: khw8OFR.png]
You got it.

[Image: 22bEv3l.png]

Alrighty, lets get this--

(10-31-2016 09:32 PM)unfairRemembrance Wrote: [ -> ]==>Be the Hare. Keep the Time.

[Image: JXaDM7B.gif]
Wait what.

(10-31-2016 10:44 AM)mariachiArsonist Wrote: [ -> ]Snake? SNAKE? SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE?!

[Image: 5CAu9Md.gif]



>Continue to be the cat
>Be the hare
>Be the snake
>Be The Hare
Be the Spider
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