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I'm surprised this thread wasn't already up but oh well here it is. I'm afraid I don't have much to contribute in the way of serious content because I'm still full of emotions. But here are the things messing me up:

- The babies/grubs. Oh my god. So cute and so full of hope. Endless combinations are possible.
- GCATavrosprite is alive!!!!! No sign of the other sprites, but this means they could very well still be around!
- Rose and Kanaya. Just, them in general. They give me life.
- Dirk and Jake being friends again (or rekindling their relationship, however you want to see it, I'm just happy that they're enjoying each other's presence)
- John is all grown up. He's older than me. What the actual fuck he is my child????????
- Terezi once again gets the award for being the most heartbreaking, forever. Please let her find what she's looking for, Hussie I beg you.
- Caliborn is an ass as always but looks surprisingly cool with those eyes. Gamzee is Gamzee.

I could go on but I think I've said enough, and I want to leave plenty for other people to gush about! Feel free to contribute anything that's relevant to the update, whether it's an essay-length peer-reviewed cited and referenced theory on Carapace culture, or just that you really hope Sollux is alive. Whatever you want to say.
John crushing his phone when Caliborn challenged him seems to be alluding to how Caliborn's Masterpiece happened. Plus, John seems to be melancholic on this, it makes me even more depressed. damnit Hussie... D:

Oh and may I ask, I heard a rumor that there's more stuff next week? It confused me since this IS the epilogue right? Or is Tumblr shitting with me again?
Pretty sure this is just post-content and NOT the epilogue.
(10-25-2016 10:12 PM)Void Wrote: [ -> ]Pretty sure this is just post-content and NOT the epilogue.

OK! Thanks! :D
Okay, don't judge me for not finishing HS yet but...

Does the dream bubble ghosts really die(Alpha trolls, Nepeta, etc)? I just saw (what I think is) Nepeta got aucked into a (again, what I think it is) wormhole.
You should probably finish Homestuck. That was a black hole created by retcon Calliope collapsing the green sun in Act 7, I believe. This means that there's either a transdimensional door somewhere or this black hole is consuming the new universe. Either way, it's not very good.
is terezi looking for...

(actually that thought makes me
quite want to sob
actually, im sobbing right now)
(or is it that i missed something due to not wearing my glasses)
I believe she is, yes. Vriska, Aradia, and Sollux were very much so alive before the final fights (and during Act 7), and they seem to have disappeared. Vriska is someone many people expected to be in the new world, especially after [S] Terezi: Remember and the Vriskagram flashes.
I think John during Terezi's search at one point asked "find her yet?" which kind of increases the chance that Terezi is looking for Vriska? Not sure. :/
But due to seeing a lot of other theories/fanventures/fansequels/etc made before the upd8, I highly suspect that Terezi's looking for Vriska. :P
(oh here's a link to that "find her yet" thing here
Seriously tho. Everyone gets a goddamned happy ending and shit and it is all nice to see our heroes get happy and whatnot. Reviving the troll race is even better

But Mr. Hussie just had to kick Nepeta and rub it in our faces. <3<
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