Full Version: Ships you wish to do but never get to
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Heya peeps: > just wanted to ask if any of you guys had a ship you would love to rp, but either never have the right character to rp with or that certain character don't want to do that ship.

Mine would be Dave Heart Tavros
It seems like every Dave I run into is really averse to EriDave so I never get to rp it, ever. The people I meet on the forums seem supportive of it, though. Why can I never meet one of y'all while seachin,,,
*whispers* I have this huge thing for pale Erisol (especially post-Erisolsprite) but if I do get an Eridan or Sollux interested in shipping, it's always red or black. And don't get me wrong, I am big fans of those too, but I would like variety now and then.

Also, I've run into perhaps one Latula in my entire career as Mituna.
(08-22-2016 02:41 PM)Slampora Wrote: [ -> ]*whispers* I have this huge thing for pale Erisol (especially post-Erisolsprite)

*whispers back* my dude,,, my buddy,,, pale erisol is my shit,, but nobody else likes it wth,, we should make an Eri♦Sol club,
I will join any club with a fort

Especially if the fort is a blanket fort inhabited by angry awkward teenagers that have no idea how to express that they just know too much about each other to feel anything but pity and perhaps the most grudging of respect (ʘ‿ʘ )
-coughs in guilty-


Kurloz Spade / Heart/Heart / Diamond Mituna

-swallows and prepares for hate-
I really enjoy pale DaveNep?
I think it spawned from my obsession with Davepeta from a few months ago.
It's not a bad ship, it would nice is someone considered it every now and then instead of competely ignoring my nepeta in group chats or instantly disconnecting smh
*deep breath*

Social Justice if you will
Mine would probably Tarvos Heart Karkat because that such a cute ship. tho many people don't usually like to do it.

I got.... really attached to these in an AU, alright? It gets worse, because it's a Hunger Games AU, but The Culling Games really is a phenomenal fic. And it got me thinking about how you could get the ships to work in other contexts - weirdly enough, hints at Dirk Diamond Kankri don't seem all that uncommon in AUs? But realistically, they just never come up in RP.
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