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I got this idea just yesterday when i changed my profile around. I know some who dont exactly like their echeladder name, including me. I dont exactly like being The Shittiest Twist, so what if you were able to choose which rung showed in your replies? Yes, you would have to have unlocked it already to use it, and i dont know how it would work in your profile, but maybe it could work?
I like this idea.
I apologize for sounding like a picky little bitch but I do second that idea for I definitely prefer my previous ranks of Zocchihedron and Troll Caegar to Jaded TentacleJade Pentacle (I do love the idea of having a generic class [mine] echeladder AND the amount of shout-outs put in the class-specific ranks)
Ima just bump this cause id still like to use it
:0 !! this sounds really cool, actually

ive always flipped between classes because i didnt like my echeladder rung but being able to go down a few of them would be nice! i have a few lower rungs that id like to use again
Yeah, i do too.

So in the User CP (probably under the additional settings or in the same segment as picking your godtier) there would be an option called Reply Rung or something, and youd be able to pick a rung out of your current unlocked ones. Maybe you could do a cross-class rung, a Seer as a Mate in Eight for example, but that might make choosing kinda confusing. So in your reply it would show which one you picked, going back to your default if you didnt pick one. In your profile it could show what it currently is, and maybe beside it (or attached) it would show which one you have set. This is just an idea that needs some work tho, such as the option name, or if it will even be an option.
it's a good idea
I wouldn't mind being Not A Homosexual again.
I've had this rung for so long I don't want to part with it. And it fits my color palette.
idk i mean

being Daddy's Hot Shot isnt so bad ;))
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