Full Version: Loose Ends and Other Things that Need to be Addressed Post-Act 7
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Okay we've all had that idea that Act 7 left a bit too many loose ends tied up yes? I'm going to try and index all the possible unfinished (and speculative) Weird Plot Shit that needs tying up. This list is by no means exhaustive yet of course, so please feel free to add in things you feel deserved screen time and/or exposition.

  • The planet quests for Dave and the B2 kids. (we already know for John, Rose, and Jade)
  • The planet quests for the A2 trolls.
  • Whether or not the above quests were completed.
  • More information on Classes and Aspects.
  • The full list of possible Denizens.
  • The question of Aspect affiliation for Denizens.
  • How did the eight kids manage to release the grist hoards when we didn't see them fight/talk with their Denizens?
  • The outcome of The Choices we've been shown or heard mentioned in passing.
  • The full list of grist types.

  • The Limeblood Extinction Event.
  • Fuller exposition on leprechaun charms.
  • Exposition on the Alternian calendar. Really we need an explanation as to why they have at least three autumns in a single sweep.
  • More cherub worldbuilding.

  • The incident that led to Cirque du Soleil's restraining order against Dad.
  • The full GPS coordinates of the Strider residence.
  • The shared birthdays of the Derse guardians.
  • What Kurloz did with (Vriska)'s coat.
  • How the retcon affected Aradia and Sollux.
  • The origin of the alternate timeline where Calliope predominates.
  • The origin of the Magic Cue Ball's omniscience (we know where its form comes from).
  • When does Caliborn's Masterpiece (Caliborn versus Alphas) happen?
  • The fate of the Alphas afterwards.
  • The fate of the Betas (and Vriska and Terezi) after Act 7.
I know this is completely stupid, but I still want to see Dave bleat like a goat Ironically
Most aren't too plot relevant honestly... But I do agree I'm still bothered about Cal's masterpiece being ambiguously left out of A7
Give me the fate of everyone in the dream bubbles or give me double death. 8(

Seriously though, closure-wise I feel that this is probably the biggest thing that needs sorting. The fate of everyone on the platform at End of Homestuck is something that would be nice to disclose too, but "if you die in the dream bubbles you die for real" makes everyone's ambiguous fates a bit more... uncertain. At least compared to those on the platform.

I'd also REALLY love to have more canon information on the aspects, especially for Blood and Doom, and the Denizens. That could honestly be answered in a digital book about SBURB lore, or even in Hiveswap! Hopefully we hear more one day.
  • how this probably happened after John touched the door, and why the surviving trolls and Dad aren't there (related to a point of yours, but yeah)
    • no but I get the distinct impression this was supposed to leave us vaguely uncomfortable
    • epilogue material?? should we be worried??
  • What great sacrifice did Mituna make, what did it accomplish, was it or was it not a Kurloz-induced English-related necessary event in timespace, please dark Hussie show me the the A1 foreshadowed plot
  • how the A1 session managed to reek of the fully-developed Lord English's influence (Cronus's backstory, Damara's role in the Scratch, Aranea's fear of him)
  • where is Sollux
  • where is Terezi
  • I mean we hypothetically know where Terezi is but where is she
  • Kanaya's original Choice/whatever Echidna had asked of her that was impossible
  • why all of the foreshadowing of Dave/Davesprite's death, was that all just a massive red herring
Anyway so I'm okay with a lot of these not coming to fruition, but yeah, there's a lot there. I know I'm missing some.
maybe after the epilogue, we can ask Hussie about any Loose ends that still remain
I mostly want to know


Especially Davepetasprite^2, since they were in the dreambubbles, and Nannasprite, since she essentially disappeared after leading Dad Crocker to the players.
I just want to know what happened to fedorafreak.


oh yeah and that 32 player squiddle session
*48 player. and yeah, Mr. hussie, do give us the tale of them (and how they will get unceremoniously offed)
Or maybe Hussie can go like how Alex Hirsch did with Gravity Falls, sure the series is done but he still goes with answering a few unimportant details that people may still be curious about, ex. What's the laptop's password? Ans. Stanford. And so on.
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