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Well, heck, the only art I can do that's on the computer that looks decent is spriting and panel edits, because I'm limited to a mouse and I'm a lazy fuck. So, have some stuff I made.

Welcome to Shit.
[Image: XfAzUDy.gif]
(O)w(O) - what now...?
[Image: 2DtWbR8.png]

I made a symbol for my larp guild.
I guess I can do rudimentary pixel art as well?
This is art is awesome.
this is beast
Have some Lalnah.
Also, Im in an artsy mood, feel free to leave some requests for me.
All these are pretty sweet
Wow! Lalnah looks good! I remember i rped with you a couple times but I think you only had sprites then.
Ahhh! Thanks, all of you!! :D
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