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[Image: Qe2TOLz.gif]

Who likes Bloodswap AUs? I personally didn't until I came across this unbelievably talented spriter over here and this unbelievably talented and in-depth analyzer of mythological roles (along with a text pack created by this unbelievably talented sprite artist used in the banners down below) and decided to make one of my own for shits and giggles. But here I am now.

I've dubbed this bloodswap Transfusion, which means, for those who don't know:
Google Wrote:"an act of transferring donated blood, blood products, or other fluid into the circulatory system of a person or animal."
Considering the whole concept of Bloodswapping, I figured this was appropriate.
Thanks Google.

So hey, what's a Bloodswap without the trolls in question?

[Image: VwscgC1.png]


Gamzee Makara

Trolltag: ____theurgicCarnival
Lusus: _______
Classpect: ___Page of Heart
Game Planet: _Land of Pillars and Instability
Dream Planet: Derse
Ancestor: ____The Nameless/The Soulless

Vriska Serket

Trolltag: ____anarchicGogetter
Lusus: _______
Classpect: ___Witch of Mind
Game Planet: _Land of Locks and Labyrinths
Dream Planet: Derse
Ancestor: ____The Inquirer

Eridan Ampora

Trolltag: ____combatantsArsenal
Lusus: _______
Classpect: ___Heir of Rage
Game Planet: _Land of Vortex and Boiling
Dream Planet: Prospit
Ancestor: ____The WWarison

Equius Zahhak

Trolltag: ____coarseToxophilia
Lusus: _______
Classpect: ___Knight of Light
Game Planet: _Land of Dusk and Refraction
Dream Planet: Prospit
Ancestor: ____The Me%treme

Terezi Pyrope

Trolltag: ____gressorialCarnivore
Lusus: _______
Classpect: ___Mage of Breath
Game Planet: _Land of Sympathy and Altitude
Dream Planet: Derse
Ancestor: ____The Gadabout

Feferi Peixes

Trolltag: ____compassiveCullture
Lusus: _______
Classpect: ___Maid of Hope
Game Planet: _Land of Bells and Ribbons
Dream Planet: Prospit
Ancestor: ____The Utopiary

Sollux Captor

Trolltag: ____technologicAnion
Lusus: _______
Classpect: ___Rogue of Space
Game Planet: _Land of Pythons and Frogs
Dream Planet: Prospit/Derse
Ancestor: ____2oliit'2 Hivemind

Kanaya Maryam

Trolltag: ____gallantAlludance
Lusus: _______
Classpect: ___Thief of Blood
Game Planet: _Land of Gemstones and Pits
Dream Planet: Derse
Ancestor: ____Lady Sericult

Tavros Nitram

Trolltag: ____antiquelyTinkerer
Lusus: _______
Classpect: ___Bard of Time
Game Planet: _Land of History and Dust
Dream Planet: Derse
Ancestor: ____Atlantus Impendus/The Timebomb

Karkat Vantas

Trolltag: ____callousGesticulation
Lusus: _______
Classpect: ___Prince of Void
Game Planet: _Land of Inversion and Torches
Dream Planet: Derse
Ancestor: ____The Great Uppercaste

Nepeta Leijon

Trolltag: ____aquaticCatfish
Lusus: _______
Classpect: ___Seer of Life
Game Planet: _Land of Sprouts and Mist
Dream Planet: Prospit
Ancestor: ____Prowlurk Jetblade

Aradia Megido

Trolltag: ____arietineAspersory
Lusus: _______
Classpect: ___Sylph of Doom
Game Planet: _Land of Glaciers and Ruins
Dream Planet: Prospit
Ancestor: ____Her S()lit♈ Ethereality

BETA TROLL LUSII [Desc., ♑/♏/♒/♐, ♎/♓/♊/♍, ♉/♋/♌/♈]
BETA TROLL ANCESTORS [♐/♊, ♒/♈, ♍/♌, ♋/♉/♓/♎/♏/♑, Sprites]
BETA TROLL TALKSPRITES [♑, ♏, ♒, ♐, ♎, ♓, ♊, ♍, ♉, ♋, ♌, ♈]


Real quick, I'd like to thank circumspectCanadensis (a.k.a. Moose) for helping me out with some of the early conceptions of the dancestors and ambiguousTrials (a.k.a. Ashe) for officially being my right-hand man with this project. She's helped me out a whole bunch (and still is!) and I'm super honoured to have her on my little team.

So, as I stated up above, I'm definitely open to advice, critique, ideas, the works! This is really the first real AU I've made so I'm not experienced in this sort of field, so basically any help is well-appreciated! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this.
All these ideas are really great! I can't wait to see what you will come up with for the alpha trolls.
Fan adventure/fanfiction. It needs to happen~ Or at least short stories.
(05-05-2016 06:56 AM)Ghostsoul Wrote: [ -> ]All these ideas are really great! I can't wait to see what you will come up with for the alpha trolls.

Aahh, thank you so much! I'm glad you're a fan, this really brightened up my day.

(05-05-2016 07:26 AM)Dasva Danya Wrote: [ -> ]Fan adventure/fanfiction. It needs to happen~ Or at least short stories.

God, I wish I could handle making a fanadventure. I feel like that'd be a lot of fun.

[Image: Qe2TOLz.gif]

Land of Pillars and Instability.
Abbreviated to LOPAI; Gamzee's planet. While the planet might not be all that old in terms of planetary bodies, it certainly does appear like it had been worn down over centuries' worth of battles. The reason being? Earthquakes, thunderstorms, tsunamis, all sorts of natural disasters occur all the time with unpredictable abandon. The only things that stand strong against the forces of nature are the pillars constructed by the planet's consorts, for some strange reason they will never topple down. The problem is, whatever the pillars are holding up don't share the same immunity. It's a constant battle of construction against destruction.

Land of Locks and Labyrinths.
Abbreviated to LOLAL; Vriska's planet. LOLAL is a very, as you may have guessed, maze-themed planet. Twists and turns of all sorts line the whole planet, on multiple altitudes as well. Ladders are provided for traversing through the more vertical segments of the three-dimensional labyrinth. There are almost countless locked walls blocking various pathways, some that would theoretically lead to the core of the planet, some that would lead to villages of consorts, and some that would simply lead to dead ends. Keys are often hoarded by enemies, most commonly imps, so you had better gather up a rack of keys from destroying enemies, or just alchemise some keys out of grist. Whatever works. Rumour has it that a hulk of a monster lies in the center, having failed to escape the labyrinth for millenia. But that's a load of bullshit, right?

Land of Vortex and Boiling.
Abbreviated to LOVAB; Eridan's planet. The heat is practically unbearable here, that is, unless you happen to have the willingness to power through it all. Gigantic pits surround the whole planet full of bubbling lava that will melt your face off if you're not careful. Pretty easy, right? Just don't step in it. That is, if you can resist the powerful pull of the various black hole-esque vortexes that spawn every now and then that attempt to pull you inside. The physics of this world are truly questionable, though those who live here are usually far more occupied with not giving in to the pull.

Land of Dusk and Refraction.
Abbreviated to LODAR; Equius' planet. A planet eternally basked in sunset, the already dark-coloured monsters are now even more silhouetted by the setting sun that will never sink beneath the horizon. Layers of water are often floating in mid-air to re-direct beams of light cast by the sun setting over the hills in the distance, mostly used for puzzles. This is a very puzzle-themed planet, so logical thinkers will have a blast here.

Land of Sympathy and Altitude.
Abbreviated to LOSAA; Terezi's planet. Consorts are everywhere. In fact, the consorts on this planet have the most advanced civilisation the RNG of the game has to offer. Entire underground cities have advanced to the equivalent of countries, continents, even. However, there are often large groups of consorts missing at any point in time, mostly because large fractions of the cities and countries are busy exploring the very mountainous regions that lie above the ground. Everything is social, here, they even have their own social networks. They are very close with each other and will always practically sell their limbs away just to cheer each other up. Of course, they do tend to go a bit far with these expressions of sympathy and will sometimes be rather annoying about it despite their good intentions. But isn't there a mountain that no consort has climbed as of yet? Like the tallest one of all, for example? None have dared to even think about reaching the summit of that one. Maybe that can change...

Land of Bells and Ribbons.
Abbreviated to LOBAR; Feferi's planet. A very bright and cheerful planet, large towers cover the surface, more often than not with a huge bell resting atop and connected to three other towards via colourful ribbons. It creates a whole network of belltowers that are just begging to be set off all at once, but what for...?

Land of Pythons and Frogs.
Abbreviated to LOPAF; Sollux's planet. An incredibly swampy type of area, it is just crawling with all sorts of pythons and frogs (which are apparently useful for some reason?? Hell if anyone knows why). The pythons and frogs aren't consorts, no, but they do serve some important purpose in the game or whatever. Like something to distract you from the fact that you're probably sinking in a pile of mud with the properties of quicksand. Yeah, exactly like that. Frog temples are scattered in random locations for whatever reason, but most of them have been overrun and vandalised by those rascal pythons. Damn you, pythons.

Land of Gemstones and Pits.
Abbreviated to LOGAP; Kanaya's planet. On the surface it might not appear like anything other than a dusty old planet full of craters. Those craters, though, lead to intricate cave systems with all sorts of colourful gemstones just begging to be dug out. The only problem being that the planet is basically entirely trapped. Hidden pitfalls are everywhere and one has to really watch their step around here, lest they fall even deeper down and possibly break an arm from chasing after a pretty jewel.

Land of History and Dust.
Abbreviated to LOHAD; Tavros' planet. As Tavros is a Time player, his planet houses the Scratch Construct of their session: a gigantic phonograph with an expansive library as a base. Chances are, you'll see several tumbleweeds bouncing along the ground, because this place is old. Old. A whole civilisation has come and gone before Tavros had arrived, with only ancient runes and scriptures left to mark what had happened. Experienced Time players will be able to time travel back to actually change history in order to solve puzzles in the present. Plant a tree all those years ago? Have a mongoloidal tree towering over all in the present all of a sudden. You begin to steadily melt away at the glaciers all those years ago? The planet is suddenly much more aquatic-themed than it was before. Of course, that's experienced players with a mastery of their skills, the real test is what Tavros will do with the idea of altering history as he knows it.

Land of Inversion and Torches.
Abbreviated to LOIAT; Karkat's planet. This is a planet where the clouds are made of water, the oceans of the planet are made of clouds, tree trunks grow out from the leafy bushes on the group in a reversal of concepts as we know them. When the sun comes out, it's as chilly as can be despite how bright it is, but the moon darkening the planet could give you a tan. And curiously, there are torches planted everywhere. In the ground, on the walls, hanging from the 'clouds' up above, that always shine a vibrant red. Perhaps there's a secret to the odd way this world behaves that lies in the beast rumoured to eternally orbit around the planet. ...Backwards. It's flying backwards.

Land of Sprouts and Mist.
Abbreviated to LOSAM; Nepeta's planet. The planet is basically one giant lake, lined with lily pads that always have a tiny little sprout on the ends of them. Navigation can be pretty difficult when you can't see where you're going, the whole place is surrounded in a thick fog that stops you from seeing clearly past two feet in front of you. Rivers and waterfalls and rocks and rapids are everywhere inside this huge lake, small islands hosting tribes of consorts that worship these mysterious sprouts that never seem to grow.

Land of Glaciers and Ruins.
Abbreviated to LOGAR; Aradia's planet. It's an arctic wasteland here on LOGAR, though it's hard to tell whether the ice was here before or after whatever rapture rid the place of most of the creatures that lived here beforehand. Whatever case, small, abandoned cities of consorts remain just barely surviving against the cold. It's cold, it's lonely, it's isolated. There's always a sense of dread hanging over everybody here, though it's impossible to tell exactly what's to happen next. All that remain are remnants of the past. Fossils are really commonly trapped inside huge ice cubes that are to be fished from under the water.
Can I just say how fucking AWESOME ALL OF THIS. Good job! Like legit.
I'm loving this a lot. A lot of thought and care has gone into everything, and then some! Looking forward to anything else you plan on adding to it. :D
(05-07-2016 09:15 PM)Anaxeris Wrote: [ -> ]Can I just say how fucking AWESOME ALL OF THIS. Good job! Like legit.

(05-08-2016 01:19 AM)devilishTamer Wrote: [ -> ]I'm loving this a lot. A lot of thought and care has gone into everything, and then some! Looking forward to anything else you plan on adding to it. :D

Holy shit you guys are too kind, thank you!! I can't wait to deliver more stuff for you.
Alright so amidst one afternoon of working out about half of the remaining land title words for the trolls (Vriska down to Feferi), I've also been working on a little something. I know that the MSPA style doesn't really account for individual heights or body types or anything like that, but I figured it'd be a fun little exercise.

[Image: r1IjQDQ.png]
(Click for full view.)

And if you don't want to see the whole image, worry not! I'll put the whole thing here, segmented into sets of four.

[Image: EmXvIj3.png]
[Image: y43iCnW.png]
[Image: ryitZza.png]

It also provides for the first official artwork of all the characters that isn't in sprite form! How neat. I hope you enjoy it!

If you want to see the draft of the image before it was lined and coloured in, check it out over here!
Hey Alienoid would you mind if I like draw alt outfits and full body stuff for these guys?
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