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Good evening, boys, girls, and those inbetween and/or elsewhere.

This is it. Tomorrow marks the seventh anniversary of Homestuck. Seven entire years of telling people about those stairs, windy thingy, Nicholas Cage, unsealed gray body paint, music videos, millions of pieces of fan art, and billions more memories.

As, someone who was greatly impacted by this experience, I only felt obligated to say a few words before we march onto the update tomorrow.

On April 13th, 2009, I was Brian. A boy who enjoyed video games because he was ridden with depression, and had no friends to spend time with. And played said games to distract him from that reality.

On April 13th, 2016, I will be Cynthia. A girl who enjoys spending time with her friends, testing make-up, singing, dancing, and so much more. Although depression still persists, it was not as bad as it was, seven years ago.

I have changed a lot since I got into Homestuck. It has been, and will always be, the biggest turning point I have ever come across in my life. Were it not for Homestuck, I never would have met the friends I have today, never fallen in love with the people I have, never been a part of a community that helped me cope through my depression, my anxiety, and my paranoia, and above all, were it not for Homestuck, I can safely say I would not be alive right now.

This tale of John Egbert and his friends Rose, Dave, Jade, Jane, Dirk, Jake, and Roxy, and their friends, the trolls that we have all grown to love and hate equally throughout the years, has changed all of us, in amazing ways I doubt any single one of us will be able to see again in our lifetimes.

Soon, we will be moving on. It pains me to say it, but the Homestuck fandom will fade very soon, and the wonderous things we have done together will only fade in memory. I don't want it to end. I don't want the last seven years of my life to be taken away from me like a mother being separated from her child. I have cried a total of twelve times in the past week, and I'm barely keeping myself together. I'm broken inside, because this, beautiful thing we have all experienced together, the universe Andrew created, the environment we have constructed, the fan base we sculpted, no single fandom will be able to mimic what Homestuck started on the 13th of April that fateful day. Not Undertale, not Hetalia, not Steven Universe. It has been the most unique adventure, and its tearjerking to step away from.

There is one thing we can do, though.

Don't let go. Keep rereading Homestuck, just like a book you can't stop re-reading. Keep drawing fan art, keep writing songs, recreate the explosion of fan-creations from 2012. Make original characters, even the bad ones are still good. Even if you're not an amazing artist, draw. Even if you aren't in a choir, sing. Even if the comic ends, the fun doesn't have to end for us.

We are Homestucks. We are the experience. We've created what surrounds us today, no matter when you began reading, from 2010 to five weeks ago. We are the cosplayers, the artists, the fans, the readers. We built this from the ground up, and THIS is how far we've come together. THIS is what will stay with us for years to come.

So when you read that one last final update, read and watch it with pride, with the excitement you had when you first started reading this comic.

A grown up fandom stands in their bedroom. It just so happens, on the 13th of April, is the day that marks the end, and a new beginning, of one of the greatest experiences of our lives.
can we pin this memo or something
(04-13-2016 02:55 PM)OneBigParadox Wrote: [ -> ]can we pin this memo or something

Yes please
Someone archive this and plaster it over everh blog and forum there is.

Yes. please.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Amen, because That speech was beautiful! This memo should get some kind of recgonition (think i spelled it right) for you being the True Homestuck.
Wow. This is... just wow. Words cannot do this justice.

I know I used this GIF in my own retrospective, but this deserves it.

[Image: 39e.gif]

The Deadman salutes you.

We won't forget HS ever. Whether we move on to things like Undertale (as much as it pains me to say so), the WWE, Warcraft, or anything else..

At the bottom of our hearts and minds..

We will always be Homestucks.

So, on this day, in remembrance, let's all, as a fandom, sing this..

Gosh golly, you guys are awesome <3
And to think that it has already been two whole years! Crazy.

Life has been on an upward curve for me as of late- I've begun to appreciate that which I have more and dwell less on what I don't have. Slowly I've become the person I wish I was all these years ago.

I only hope that those who still involve themselves with the fandom in the capacity that I once did enjoy their 4/13 tomorrow. See you around.
thank ya for the well wishes ma'am. i'm gonna be hella fandom trash tommorrow
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