Full Version: gc's possibly triggering logs [Abuse, Blood, Slight Mutilation]
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First Log: Warnings for blood and a little mutilation. I was Kankri.
Also, this was after hours of getting D/c'd on. I mean come on, no one wants to help or even laugh at him for being unable to speak? Seriously, took forever to get someone to stay.
Very old, and such an Abrupt end. So Sad.
Onto Something more recent!

I wanted to go ahead and put this log here, it contains mentions of abuse, but no actual abuse. It was more of a Hurt/Comfort thing. But there is blood and wounds, so do be warned about that. I really hope my rp partner doesn't mind that I put this up. I was the Karkat.

They sadly had to go, but I thought it was... awesome. It's been a while since I've come across something like this. I like it.

Guess who's back?! Yup me! And poor Kanny is getting D/C'd left and right! I'm testing out Sore Throat! Kankri so please don't leave so soon. I do it so people aren't intimidated by the huge blocks of text he usually drops. If you see me, be a good chum!
I tried Karkat and got a Kankri who D/C'd after I asked what Triggers were.XD Didn't mean to upset them but damn.

It sucks that I can't figure out the codes thing or it'd be in the right colors. I'll get it right next time.
Why is it everytime I get Equius, he D/Cs? It breaks my heart, because he's so awesome.

Fucking internet I just got an awesome Nep and you fuck it all up.

Quietest Kankri ever. The one and two word answers though. I'm trying my best but that doesn't help the conversation, even if you're Opposite! Kankri.

Aaaah I found a Dave but the horror called disconnection has ruined it.

[[I am way too tired to go through adding BBC code back. Need help with finding where the hell you can view the chat code again.]]

Just dropping this right here.

I don't know who you are, but you made my night, even if I was a shitty Karkat. Hope one day you see this. Posting here to be safe for blood mentions.
Back again! Got another Kankri and he just went with it. I loved this one!

I thought it was pretty tame for a reply. She wasn't saying anything so I just started my spiel.
Damn my internet. If you were this Eridan I loved you and that was a ton of fun! I'm sorry that my net failed us both.
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