Full Version: To the Equius who lost an angrily nice Karkat
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If you ever see this, and want to continue that rp or rp with me again, please let me know. If this doesn't jog your memory then nothing will. I hope this works:
this is the chat we were in, i cant retrieve the log for the reason of my original disappearance. My internet went down. I am typing this via my phone. Thank you for your time and I'm sorry I was forced to vanish on you.
Aaahh I was hoping the forums would do me good this time. The link won't work for some reason but luckily I have this.
Yes hi it's me friend.
Oh my god, Yay! Its you, yes! Hi, holy crap! I never imagined it would work! I'm sooo sorry but I'm so happy I found you. Would you like to continue that rp sometime?
I know, the forums hardly ever work, not too many people use them :c but I would definitely like to continue whenever you'd want!
Sure, I think we can do the make your own chat thing, but I don't even know what to name it. ^^; I'm such a derp sometimes.
How about this?
Perfect, and I love the name. When will you be on? I'll be up for the next 5 hours or so ^^
I'm usually on late at night to early morning.
My times on vary alot, it depends on how my internet holds, and if I'm busy or not. ^^;
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