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It's time to capitalize on an unoriginal idea that almost everyone has done on this site by now!
[Image: tumblr_static_tumblr_m8nxkw60sp1r4qxzoo1_400.gif]
Welcome, my good friends/enemies/transdimensional beings beyond comprehension who are simply looking to devour the souls of other, less fortunate transdimensional beings and welcome to another fansession to waste your time! Before I get started on explaining the rules and the like, there are a few things you should know. Firstly, that like all roleplays, this roleplay will require a certain amount of dedication to really develop. I know this is wishful thinking, but I'd like for this session to at least get it's players to the dersite and prospitian battlefield before dying out. So! To ensure that things don't get too inactive, if a certain roleplayer is gone for seven days without first notifying a mod, they will be booted from the roleplay. Secondly, I'd like to point out that prior experience with the fankid, fantroll, or fan exile/cherub that you will be applying for is not required. Nor is prior experience with fansessions as a whole.

And, with that out of the way...
Spots Available:
[4/4 humans.] ALL HUMAN SPOTS HAVE BEEN FILLED! Thanks to all who applied!
[4/12 trolls.]
[No cherub spots currently available.]
[No exile spots currently available.]

OOC chat:
Main session:

A example reserve sheet, for those who may need it.

A reserves sheet, made by the lovely Emile? Preposterous!
(After you've been added, please fill out your section of the Reserves sheet! Please don't worry yourselves about the Bio and Voice Clip sections of the reserve just yet!)

We've moved to Newparp!
New Main:
(03-28-2016 08:39 AM)cyberdragoon Wrote: [ -> ]

Accepted! Also, kudos for the amazing sprites!
Thanks!! Also, if you want, I can whip up a reserve sheet for everyone to put their information in?
(03-28-2016 08:57 AM)cyberdragoon Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks!! Also, if you want, I can whip up a reserve sheet for everyone to put their information in?

That would be quite lovely, actually!

Ares Vescolt
Screen Name:
[Image: ARES.jpg]
[Image: ares_god_tier.png]
Minecraft Wolf-face
Post-scratch Name:
Arch Vescolt
Guardian Title:
Uncle Colby
Strife Specibus:
Smash Modus
Land of...?:
Land of Song and Truth
Glass bottle
(03-28-2016 09:30 AM)Anaxeris Wrote: [ -> ]

I apologize, but this character is declined as of the moment. This is due to your lack of any sort of visual reference or description and the multiple strife specibi. If you'd kindly, please only choose one in your application, and leave additional/shifting specibi until the RP begins.

Aside from that, everything else seems to be a-okay! :3
This character is now ACCEPTED!

This character is also ACCEPTED!
Ollima Suuris


Screen Name:
anticipatedConflict [AC]

#6A006A Seadweller Violet

Despite appearing frail and weak, Ollima is anything but that. The burning desire, the sharp mind, the unyeilding spirit is strong with this one. Suuris prides themself as a master strategist and desires to be military commander of the trollkind, when they are of proper age. They are pragmatic about the hemospectrum, thinking that there is no need in needless cruelty towards those, who are lower on the scale, although needed cruelty is very much different topic. THey are prgamtic, honestly, about most of the things, having no troubles forging a mutually beneficial alliance with a former enemy. And when they play, they always play to win. They are rather uncaring about lives of any single particular person, finding larger goals more important. Any emotional attachment is somewhat alien to them. They try to be polite with others, but do not go out on the limb to put much effort into it.

Ollima is not the most stunning troll, not in aestetic, nor in physical strength. This poor creature looks extremely ill, to the point they are almost constantly bed-ridden. Their hair are overgrown, shaggy and messy, and when they are out of the water - puffy. The eyes are sunken, fish-like, emotionless. Horns are large, almost feet long wawering protrusions, bending backwards toward their ends. Ollima is very pale shade of grey and extremely skinny, weighting only 80 lbs with their height (excluding horns) being about 5'6 feet. They usually wear their dark-grey pijamas, since most of the times they don't have enough physical strength to even get up. Their violet symbol, Boötes, is embroidered on the pocket on the left side of the chest of their pjs
[Image: am5jdrK.png]
(This lovely sprite is a courtesy of Emile/Cyberdragoon)

8 Solar Sweeps


Post-scratch Name:
Beceri Suuris

Ancestor Title:
The Betrayer/Archduke Mudgrave

Jellyfishmom - a large jellyfish-like creature with tiny hands on the end of tendrils

Seer of Time

Strife Specibus:

Preplanned - All items that are needed for any plan become available when, and only when, they are must be used. The user must first create a plan, before gathering any items needed for it

Land of:
Ticks and Pillows

Violet Iguanas

To get rid of Bugs that are stuck in mechanisms

Cruxite IV bag

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PM or Skype (get through PM)
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