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everyone has had to rp for the first time, and i can guarantee you that even the best of us have a story to tell.

the first time i tried to rp, i was so nervous that i only got a few lines in before Absconding the fuck outta there ^w^"
didn't attempt to rp till another 4 months after.
The first character I ever tried, was Jane.

And you know, I was absolutely terrible.
The first thing I ever wrote was:
GG: fghmj,kjhgvbnkjihyjugfhjkl;oiugfhhjkliouyh
GG: Sorry! Gcat was on my keyboard.

And the other person said sorry, but they were looking for somebody, and left.
After that, I was going around as Caliborn.
And after that, was some John.
And yes, I was still terrible with them both.
Until I actually tried going around as Aradiabot, and picked her up immediately.
As soon as I realized I was not absolute shitaki mushrooms with her, I tried Aradia.
Oh lord, first time I rped was so long ago. I remember I was this assassin/killer lady who was a lone wolf or something, it was cringy. Like one liner and terrible oc pair ups cringy. I fixed that fast though by watching other people Rp. I was a nervous bag of butts to ask people with experience for help (still am a nervous butt bag).
I think the first time I rped with homestuck I was Vriska, mainly because we shared the same sign (despite I hated her). Since I hated her so much at the time I knew everything about her, which made it the perfect canon character to start with. From Vriska I went onto Nep, then it trailed on. Now I do most of the canon characters (minus some of the humans).
Karkat. I don't swear irl, so I'm not sure what I was thinking?
yo the first time i rped was so fun. like i was prolly v v ooc but i was jade and i was rping with the mayor and we drank a ton of tab and made can town a lot bigger. i think i rped as jade for a while before moving on to dave and karkat and now those are the main characters i rp as (along with davepeta of course! and literally every other iteration of any strider ever lmao help me)

there was also a short phase of rping an awful, awful nepeta but i abandoned that fairly quickly
I've Always RPed As Dave. I've Been On This Site For At LEAST A Year And I'm Still Shit At Dave. Now I'm Just Higher Quality Shit. My First Attempt Was

TG: Yo John,
TG: you Coming over later?
TG: Still got Plans for MLP and Mario Kart right?

Copy/Pasted Directly From The Log
I remember rping a bunch of joke characters like Mary-sues as well as non canon characters like Kyubey from Madoka Magica just for my own amusement.
I also rped the felt a few times.
My first rp experience was not on MSPSARP, but instead on a gaming website. We were all terrible at it, and rped scenarios in shitty script style, and it was cringey in all honesty. But I got extremely close to everyone on there, and they were my first internet friends. I even fell in love with one of the people there, and we have planned to meet in the future. My first rp experience was terrible, but the friends and fun I gained from it honestly changed my life.
Now, for my first MSPARP experience. I was a shitty Mary Sue by the chumhandle midnightKitty, and god, I apologize to everyone I met. I want to curl up and die because of her. Though, I still use midnight in my main OC's chumhandle!
my first rp experience was as a basic Mary Sue by the name of Mai (she was a troll tOO) with gray blood, her symbol was an hourglass I think, teleportation powers, and dated karkat, with the trolltag midnightGuillotine

But now she's a ceruleanblood by the name of Maieai Brevin with the same hour glass symbol, but no teleporty powers, as a Mage of Time, and trolltag committedTimekeeper

I love my timeturtle
My first was Gamzee since he's my sign. It was AWFUL. I was so OOC! Past me needs to be executed. It was really cringey, as I had barely read HS, as I listened to a lot of fanon. I'm so sorry random Karkat I probably scared you for life-

I honestly can't with my Calliope gosh.

I picked up Nepeta after that; A Zombiestuck. I listened to fanon still, but she was actually a bit (stretching that "bit") closer to canon. I dropped the 'sweet, weak baby' Nep and became a tough gal.

I picked Aranea because of a recommendation from that Zombiestuck. As soon as I realized I sucked at her, I tried Vriska.

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