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Onto the actual Applictaion~![br]Name: Benedict "Beny" Alexander Skynne [br]Age: 18[br]Gender: Male[br]Height: 5'10[br]Occupation: Thief & Music composer/editor/remixer for commercials and YouTube [br]Type: Villain/Can become a Sidekick if paid enough[br] Powers: Enhanced Hearing: Beny can hear much better than any normal human or animal, as well as being able to catch sounds that have a much lower or higher pitch.[br]Audiokinesis: Another power is the power to manipulate sounds. Benedict can freely change the pitch, tone, length and volume of various sounds, including his own voice. However, he is unable to manipulate people's voices and sounds coming directly from them (e.g.: Voices, footsteps, rustling of clothes...)[br]Audio-Solidification: Finally, Benedict is able to solidify how own voice, and shape it at will, as long as it doesn't exceed his volume. Solid sound is sturdy, but can be broken by louder noises than the one used to create it, any sharp object and fire. It has a greenish color. [br]Weaknesses: Due to his enhanced hearing and inability to affect people's voices, crowd noises are a huge weakness of his, prompting him to wear headphone to block most of the sounds. Otherwise, normal human weaknesses apply.[br] Personality: Benedict is a huge prankster. He is usually cheerful and excited, and takes a liking to throw terrible puns at times. He has an undying love for anything epic and music. His abilities are actually easy to hide, allowing him to pass for a normal human. He fears hospitals, as his mutation can be discovered there.[br] Backstory: He doesn't have much of a terrible backstory, but does live in fear of getting his power discovered one way or another. He has a small story in attempted robberies until he became more professional on the matter. [br]Notes: Whether he is stealing or just walking around, he always has headphones on his hear to protect them from loud noises. [br]Theme Song: N/A [br]---[br] ~ OOC Stuff ~ [br]OOC Name: Chandy [br] Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them

... OOOH right. Herostuck app. Yay.
HUMANS OF MERICA OF LIVING OF EXIGENCY OF STIMULATION OF BODY-MOVING/LIKE-SENSE SINCE OF ELECTRICITY OF CAUSED OF IN OF BODY SINCE 1. tiny metals in human 2. metals moved since of energies striked/hitting metals 3. energies sent/from machine far of miles. put any video cameras connected of internet ta your face (whenever sheltered so of other-than/not seeing sky of so of drones of hovering/flew/floating/levitating and so human of military of United States of collecting/getting/having/possessing data-of-matter/communication-of-obviousness-of-reality so of warring)...and I am of text of since if you are panicked/terrified/terrored/fearing of coercion/harm/wrong/terrible body movement of not/other-than helpful/effective/useful/good so you live then stay/rest/relax at a one/single safe place ta time your breaths and blinks so of STIMULATION OF BODY-MOVING/LIKE-SENSE SINCE OF ELECTRICITY OF CAUSED OF IN OF BODY SINCE 1. tiny metals in human 2. metals moved since of energies striked/hitting metals 3. energies sent/from machine far of miles...of timed so of less stimulations ta live of STIMULATION OF BODY-MOVING/LIKE-SENSE SINCE OF ELECTRICITY OF CAUSED OF IN OF BODY SINCE 1. tiny metals in human 2. metals moved since of energies striked/hitting metals 3. energies sent/from machine far of miles...since planned stimulations of since you of planned of timing of body movements ta cause vital/healthy/necessary living...and since I time my breaths and blinks ta sense/sensation of touch of pulse of my heart so I am of less stressings of energies at me ta cause so I am living of other-than/not/no harm. /":-_
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Explanation: This is a free to play online multiplayer game where you engage in combat with aircraft and armored vehicles, set in a post world war I to post world war II time period. Battles are largely fictional, however events may come where historical fights happen. You do have to make an account and verify it with an e-mail, but if you remember your user name and password then you're welcome to play. Bear in mind however, that while it has PLENTY of content, the game is still being developed, with vehicles to come. This is a game about historical accuracy (as far as vehicle and weapon performance is concerned), so if airplane A performs better then airplane B, and historically A really DOES perform better then B, then the devs have done their job. Also bear in mind, that since it's a free to play game, ANYONE WITH AN E-MAIL ADDRESS MAY PLAY SO EXPECT GREAT FAILURE AND IMMATURITY. Now, should the grind be too painful, you can invest some money into buying a premium vehicle (such as prototypes, captured vehicles, or vehicles that don't quite fit the tech tree anywhere such as rocket artillery), boosting research for upgrades or vehicles, or just simply indulging in cosmetics (Such as camouflage or decals) which DO affect the realistic and simulator difficulty in that you can ONLY see the enemy IF you spot them with your bare eyes, so if you see a big red tank in a snowy hill, then you see a big red tank on a snowy hill. Maybe the white-grey tank destroyer to it's left IF you have good enough eyesight. It takes patience to learn this game, and you may wish to invest time in learning about your own vehicles BEFORE going into combat, for not EVERY vehicle behaves the same.

The game is called War Thunder, developed by Gaijin Entertainment and available on their website and on Steam. Note; visit the War Thunder forums if you need help, or visit the discussions page if you're on the Steam version. This game is also available on the Playstation 4.

( I have reasons. I have my reasons )

Because SNEE SNAW and it's strange, strange bizzare story in chat reminded of this old gem and I had to share.
What the heck did you just say about me, you little human? I'll have you know I'll graduate top of my class in the training academy, and will have been involved in numerous secret raids to the surface, and have three hundred recipes for spaghetti. I am trained in the culinary arts and am the top cook in the Royal Army. You're nothing to me but just another best friend. I will leap the heck out of this window with grace the likes of which has never been seen before in these ruins, mark my words!! Nyeh heh heh!! You think you can get away with not making up to Undyne over that whole trying to kill you thing? Think again, buddy. As we speak I am giving you my phone number and adding you to my network of friends on the internet and your wall is being covered in spaghetti recipes so you better prepare for the feast, friend! The feast that fills your silly thing you humans call a stomach!! You're stuffed, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and can cook pasta in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with angel hair. Not only am I extensively trained in Italian cooking (hey Sans, what's Italy?), but I have access to the entire cookbook of the top warrior in the king's Royal Army and I will use it to its full extent to bury you under a waterfall of tomato sauce!!! And vegetables!!! If only you could have known what delicious treats your little "friendship" attempt would bring down upon you, maybe you would have cleaned your tongue!! But you couldn't, and you didn't, and now you're paying the price. I will cook noodles all over you and you will drown in it!! Nyeh heh heh!!!
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