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Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the world superhuman wrestling federation, otherwise known as the W.S.W.F

Tonight is the debut of...

==> Select?
(02-08-2016 07:29 AM)formallyCurious Wrote: [ -> ]==> Select?

Choose faction

>justice meta humans
>brutal hero corp
>brutal supermen
>perfect supermen
>Demon manufacturing plant (dMp)
>God supermen

Each faction has a small selection of wrestlers.
>justice meta humans
(02-08-2016 08:39 AM)psychicFlower Wrote: [ -> ]>justice meta humans

The J.m.h is an organization founded at the dawn of supermen, fighting for all that is right. altruistic and unfailingly heroic they are well loved by the public, but their wide eyed naiveté has led them to sustain casualties at much higher numbers than other factions.

Their current roster is.
Weight:220 lbs
Powers: flight, wind manipulation
Finishing techniques:spinning piledriver

Weight:2,300 lbs
Powers:he is literally half horse
Finishing techniques:piled driver stallion style

Weight:190 lbs
Finishing techniques:dangerous German (the user suplexes the opposing wrestler's head into a turnbuckle)

Are you sure?
>no, look other teams
(02-09-2016 09:07 AM)Fubar Wrote: [ -> ]>no, look other teams

Brutal hero corp (face)
The brutal hero corp is a group of men with good intent, but awful methods. Killing and maiming their foes, some for sport, some for punishment, their goals and ideals occasionally cause some overlap with the justice supermen, leading the two stables to sometimes be seen as one.

The perfect supermen (neutral face)
The perfect supermen are meta humans with power and skill so great even a single loss is punished among tneir ranks by death, although in the world of superhuman wrestling , the dead return every other year or so, and usually as a member or ally different factio.

Brutal supermen(neutral heel)
The brutal supermen are little more than low power thugs and bullies, however what is especially notable is their having blood lust great enough to overcome their shortcomings through the desire to kill alone.

dMp (heel)
The demon manufacturing plant is an organization of cultists who traided something dear to them for power, savage enough for their more mundane counterparts, the brutal supermen to be thoroughly disgusted with them , they are the ultimate force of evil

God supermen (neutral)

The god supermen are the most powerful and skilled among supermen, they generally do not engage in mortal affairw, unless the actions of other god supermen put humans at risk, a common occurrence given the diversity of moral codes among them.
>Look the perfect supermen
(02-12-2016 02:18 AM)Fubar Wrote: [ -> ]>Look the perfect supermen

As the description was already written I will get to some additional information before the roster

The perfect supermen have overwhelming skill and power, along with a set of rules they must fallow,
1. They must never use a weapon
2.they are neither good nor evil, being above such petty things (though many have soft hearts under their rough exterior.)
3. They must never show emotion (this one is always broken, leading many to assume its more or less optional.)
4.they must never lose a match, as they are perfect beings.

Any of these rules broken will mean a death penalty for the rule breaker in question.

Their roster is.

Given name: vriska
Weight: 195 lbs
Powers:to excrete silk from the mouth, has venomous teeth
Finishing moves:silk hanging(wrapping her silk around a disoriented opponent's neck, she jumps over a nearby branch or beam , turning the silk into a noose), black widow bite (she bites a foe wrapped in her web, and simply waits for then to die or faint)

Tenguman red
Given name:dave
Hight: 5'10
Weight:200 lbs
Powers: ninja training, untrained magical abilities
Finishing moves:red blade of death (turning his arm into a blade, he slices at an opponent, non lethally for whatever reason),ninja spiderweb (he learned this from watching videos of renowned dM member, the ninja. He entangles his foes in the ropes in the rings. Then spits three fire balls causing the ropes to tighten and either fling the opponent in the air , or dismember them depending on how they were entangled, usually the former in daves case)

Given name:Eridan
Weight:four tons
Powers:superman hardness level 4 (iron) body, his head is a tank's primary gun.
Finishing moves:bridge buster (holding the opponet on the barrel of his head gun, he jumps up and lands head first on his opponent, causing severe damage to their back).artillery call (he fires several rounds of human military grade artillery into the foe, it is not as damaging as his other move but does confuse the opponent)

Given name: Tavros
Weight: 460 lbs
Powers:the longhorns of any buffalo clan member
Finishing moves :hurricane mixer (he gores his foes with his longhorns), muscle buster (grabbing his foe and flipping them so their neck rests on his shoulder , he grabs their legs and jumps high into the air, landing on his bottom he damages the foes legs, neck, and groin, this move is one of forty eight killing techniques his distant relative buffaloman appropriated from the muscle clan)
>Show rosters for the remaining factions.
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