Full Version: Icon clicking issue.
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On the forum page, with the many boards such as art or logs or anything else, there's always the blue/grey skia icon that can be clicked. When there's a board that has a new post or discussion, the icon turns from grey to blue, and starts moving. It used to be that when you clicked on these icons, you could count the entire board as "read", and then it would turn to grey to display as such.

Thing is, now when you click on these icons, they don't turn to grey, even when the page is refreshed. Nor would the discussions in a board have greyed out icons to show they have been read, unless they were actively visited by an individual.

Has this always been a thing?
I just checked and can confirm it is working for me.

What browser/OS are you using?
I am using Google Chrome, on the latest version of Windows 7. Because FUCK Windows 8 AND 10.
firefox and ie on windows 8.1 and it works like it should

once in a while it will not work, but otherwise it's perfect
Huh... I'm using chrome for windows 8.1... And it doesn't work.
Seems like a Chrome update changed something to break it or is simply bugged. I'll try and have a look.
I have rewritten the code handling the icons and successfully tested on current Chrome.

Let me know if there continue to be issues after refreshing the page.
Seems to be working perfectly now!
Update is working perfectly, now I don't even have to refresh to see what's been clicked on. This issue is now [RESOLVED]. Thanks, epithetic, and have a wonderful day.
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