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"Hello, all people of the underground, we are pleasured to invite you to a fun, exciting party at the ruins in Toriel's home! We hope we'll be able to see you arrive!"

Helllooo, everyone! We are welcoming you to a party of the Underground. There will be full of fun and lots of stuff! Anyone is allowed to join! But first, before you enter, there are rules to apply.

Thank you for reading the rules, now..
Behold, the celebration of a party.

"Chara: (I heard people shipping a Sans with another Sans) 06:08:15
Chara: (*Narrows eyes* Sinner)
frisk: science sans x underfell sans)
Chara: (But I need to admit, this ship is cute)
frisk: yes X///X)
frisk: Im dying from cuteness)
Chara: (Do not die)
frisk: oki)
Chara: (Accept the ships, not be killed by ships)
frisk: but its soo cute)
Chara: (Yes, very cute)"
I'm kinkshaming
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