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(Undertale/Dangan Ronpa Roleplay)

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Possible triggers:
Death, murder, suicide/depression mention,
graphic violence, harsh language, crude humor, blood/gore,
and possible unmentioned things.

- - -

"The past is in the past, everyone, as we have Hope's Peak Academy! A school where elite human and monster students shall coexist, with a bright new hope in front of them! A hopeful future has begun!"
Bzz, bzzz--

- - -

Gooooood morning, everyone! I'm your principal, Flowey! Flowey the Flower! It's nice to meet you all, now, shall we start explaining some things here?

Now, you all haven't noticed, didn't you-- Hey! You better not spoil yourself, it's not fun when I have to say it, buuuuuttt... In this school, it's kill or be killed.

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