Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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PR is most totally husslux (its never gonna stop, at least not on my end X3)
SM is my kismesis.
(I hate you so much in a kismesis kind of way)
PR is indirectly recruiting me to be the Auspistice between PR and SM
(Eh, I need to fill that quadrant anyhow... X,D)
CD is planing to destroy the ship because s/he's a Prince of Heart.
But PR can gurantee the ship will always be illegally revived by me.
F☆ lives in a cave and is listening to "Walls covered in Blood".(Homestuck music)
PR lives with me, he's my cavemate :3333
F☆ is a caveman.
PR is Tarzan.
Freedommust is actually andrew hussie's and a toblerone's child.
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