Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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(Could be, could be)

VI is the Striders granpa.
PR's n@me is 0bvi0usly n0t Undert@le-rel@ted...
Lol well then
DT was actually a Muse.
PR is secretly Chara Dreemurr, hiding behind the name 'pacifistRunner' to troll us all.
((Chara is neutral acording to my sensible theory.))

AC is the genocide player, the ONLY real evil thing in Undertale.
PR is looking for hussie
((...To murder him by bashing his head rapidly with my Deudly Bat.))

SM is Vriskas ancestors ancestor.(don't know her name)
(you mean Mindfang?)

PR is Jade's brother.
CT is actually not Terezi, but Sollux.
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