Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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((That's ironic since i'm a Space player))

AA is The Prince of Time and s/he's destroying way too many timelines.
PR is distorting space.
CT is using her/his SOUL to destroy the universe.
PR is secretly Lord English.
CT is Doc Scratch.
(Invite me to your home please, and make Hussies life miserable while doing it.)
PR is a dead Andrew Hussie. :3
SM is Marquise Mindfang.

((Seriously what makes you think i'm Hussie? I'm the opposite of him.))
exactly >:3))) the only difference to make you opposite is the fact that its a dead Hussie.))
PR Not a space player but, a hussie player.
(i'm just messing with you at this point :3)
SM is the real spider 8itch.
PR is Hussie's twin. Not an evil twin. Hussie's the evil twin in their relationship.
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