Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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PR is actually the tv show parks and rec. Its even in their name.
MSs actual ancronym is MSPA
(I live in Indonesia so i don't know what's Parks and Rec :b)
PR is the reason Britain left the EU
Stay is a leprechaun.
SM turned everyone into zombie.
PR's real username is genocidalWalker
F☆'s real chumHandle is optionalRestrict
(08-09-2016 10:51 PM)pacifistRunner Wrote: [ -> ]SM turned everyone into zombie.

crap! i've been found out!!!)))
PR is the person who gave me the idea in the first place to turn everyone into zombies.
Greenzor is actually Zorro. who is green
FB is actually the entirety of facebook
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