Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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CD knows just as much as VI and they know EXACTLY what's going on. ((Still lying))
Well y'know what? VI did NOT just prompt CD to throw a bucket at her. :3
>:O CD did NOT prompt VI to retaliate and throw TWO buckets back!
VI is NOT pleasing CD by not realizing that he just made a fandom joke with what he threw at he throws 3 right back at her. Because you CAN do that kind of sht in MY hood.<3<
((Caught the joke dude. Kinda obvious. :P))
CD is actually posing a challenge for VI as she throws 4 buckets at him cause she DOES give a shit about what flies in his hood. Too bad he's in her's now. <3<
CD is NOT in VI's hood now...and he COMPLETELY understands why he'd wear her clothing.
VI then does NOT have 5 motherfucking mirac-I MEAN-buckets thrown at her at once. <3<
VI does COMPLETELY understands what's happening.
CD does NOT have 6 buckets thrown back in this never ending cycle. <3<
CD does NOT believe that what we are doing is technically spam and is no doubt pissing somebody off.
VI also does NOT have 7 (schmexeh luckeh number) buckets heading her way. <3<
VI does NOT believe that we should stop.
CD, nonetheless does NOT have 8 spider8itches buckets being tossed at his face! <3<
CD wants to stop, but is NOT too stubborn and dominantly-adapted to back down, and does NOT throw more buckets at VI that are in Erin's closet. <3<
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