Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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CD is actually a talking vagina
VI would KNOW what being a "talking vagina" is like
CD is a CD I'm running out of ideas
I don't feel like letting VI know she's a lot better at this than I am anyhow...
CD knows they're better at this than I ever will be
VI is N0T s0meb0dy CD w0uld w@nt t0 hug.
CD is someone VI definitely would NOT hug if she could.
VI would NOT probably end up being CD's kismesis instead of friend, with his damn luck...Kismesisitude is NOT stressful af.
CD SHOULD be VI's kismesis cause that would NOT be awkward and stressful
CD can't even tell if either he or VI are being sarcastic anymore.
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