Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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UV is WRONG coz I'm actually an acorn
FM is neither a pinecone, nor an acorn, but is actually a UV
SM is the dorkiest dork to ever dork in the history of dork-kind.
¬_¬ i might be...)
VI is most definitally Dave Strider.
((That ain't no lie))
SM is actually gonna go to bed soon.
its actually not a lie ^-^' i'm about to, its past 1am here in poland in my travels ^-^''')))
VI is a pokemon.
SM works at Area 51.
((Then sleep well, dearie.))
I shall :33 ^w^_)))))))))))
VI Is a potato. A Strider potato.
SM is a pear. A square pear.
VI is actually donald trump
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