Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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RW has every fetish in the world, and makes homestuck art about it.
Despite being a Homestuck fan, Sailor has an Asriel Dreemurr fetish. Eyes are up there, Sailor. ;3
KD is actually a Troll.
(08-06-2016 06:33 PM)pacifistRunner Wrote: [ -> ]KD is actually a Troll.

0h, well, um...I c@n expl@in...
KD's account has been hacked.
Pacifist is actually hussie
UV is actually a bottle of biirthday cake vodka that animated itself out of sheer willpower and fairy dust
UV is Donald Trump's clone created in N. Korea for the sake of world domination.
FM is really a pinecone
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