Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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SM reminds me of Vriska
PR creates the music of the (k)night!
ara reminds me of a manga i'm reading called the legend of ara(something)

(oh greenzor, i wonder why?)
Greenzor reminds me of that crappy kids show called Dinosaur King, I wonder why.
i actually like that show, quite a bit. TT^TT i think is cute.

i like dinosaurs.

FM reminds me of of those annoying flashing bright colors. at night, when they completely blind you.
SM is the creator of megalovania.
PR created MoGoLoVoNiO.
rainbowScarlet [RS] is a professional FACEhugger.
fubar is a professional tree hugger, they make sure to hug trees about 29 times a day, 40 in the morning, 3 around noon, and 28 before bed.
Greenzor secretly has the real Donald Trump in their basement, and has Clubs Deuce disguised as him, to take over America!
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