Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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Beans is the leader of a six member cult dedicated to taking down every single fortune cookie factory in the United States. Secretly, the fortune cookie factories are run by M Night Shamallamadingdong, who is the sworn enemy of Beans. No one knows why.
stonefurthecoolkid is Rufioh
Fubar is Spongebob Squarepants, and lives in Bikini Bottom under the sea! ♥
Denae has been arrested 4 times for shop lifting and is a part of conspiracy theorists cult. Also related to shrek.
IE is secretly a part of the Illuminati, spamming the Bee Movie script as an anon on Tumblr.
Gib stole all the cookies, all of them.
KI is actually the leader of the illuminati hellbent on taking over Canada through the means of meme spammkng and bagels
freedommust actually hates homestuck, and everything it stands for.
Greenzor would gladly have the children of Commander Vosch from the Fifth Wave trilogy and give up their physical form to do so.
Stonefurthecoolkid lies about being a cool kid. is Lord English.
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