Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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Fubar thinks that Eridan Ampora is the most beautiful, glorious character in Homestuck, who isn't perfect but has his flaws and is by far the best character ever in the history of literature
Fubar is literally a Black Orb
Freedom isnt a troll
gB i an apple. a very small apple. and rainbow.
Greenzor wa hisoka waribiki kudaranai bideogēmusupin'ofu o hanbai shite imasu.
TX's main language is latin
Freedommust22 has only 2 homestuck OCs, both of them are essentially genderbent Bec Noir, only with different hair colour.
Fubar sucks at the art of punning that it isn't even punny
Freedommust22 hates OCs and will promptly shit fury on anyone who has made one ever. Ironically enough, they are also legally married to Sakura Chan.
stonefurthecoolkid talks shit about their friends and plays Gamzee as a furry
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