Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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QP is awful at roleplaying in genereal, cant even make a proper form.
greenzor's legal name is actually greenzor
Fubar is actual cannibal Shia LeBouef.
MS can't actually deal with anything
Nep eats children while partying.
OM is a lieing bastard who has never lied once.
SM has nightmares about bagels having nightmares!
RindePie doesn't actually like pie
Basically Nepeta despises all Strider's and Leijon's, and has a tendency to draw multiple morbid death panels for each one of them.
[Image: 6d8382ce4f8faeb241ba26f7ab0095df.gif]IT WASN'T A LIE

Sin actually is pure as shit
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