Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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FB is lying about lying
FM is lying about saying that Fubar is lying about lying.
TC is actually the mastermind behind all the lies, having carefully constructed an intricate web of lies upon lies upon lies. The reason for this is simple - to become the Grand Leader of Spyders (tiny little spies riding deer).
DT actually came up with the idea and now she's helping me to fulfill it, as my assistant.
TC actually is indifferent about the Captor trolls
Basically Nepeta is essentially Becsprite.
crap! i've been found out now i need to speed up my world domination plans!!))

fb is secretly a mage and is secretly- well actually a terrible mage
(05-12-2016 08:42 PM)Fubar Wrote: [ -> ]
Mage of Bad
(Shit, I've been found out too)
Greenzor has the acronym that is intuitive from their chumhandle
i've been found out again!! how can this be?!! *starts to speed up work*)))

Fubar is actually a type of candy bar that fb was trying to make but then had to destroy, and hide because when fb tried to sell it it turned out it ad drugs in it.
SM's actually a spam account
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