Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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whos britney spears? <shes like a singer right?>)

ms is a terrible singer.
((She is.))

Greenzor likes to think that they are the cats pajamas, but secretly they are the beegees.
MS is secretly hiding Deadpool in their basement.
RW Is deadpool, i'm on to you =w=
SpectralArtist is secretly holding me, and Deadpool, in her attic.
RW is deadpool, and is being secretly held in in SA's attic, and in in MS's basement.
SM is secretly Vriska, trying to take over the world.
Tina Captor's name is actually their occupation. They have caught 40 Tinas so far (23 of them are Tina Turner impersonators)
Fubar is going to corrupt everyone with bad great puns. He's also not the Heir of Puns. But the Fish of Puns.
Fish of Puns
Tina Captor has a fankidmermaid called Tuna Captor
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