Full Version: Post an insane lie about the person above you
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GT is not a smol trope bean that rules a small kingdom of coffee products and brutally steamed vegetables.
Atlas is actually a horse in a clown costume but they rule a planet called "Swagget"
SF planned for this forum game to be put on hold.
RW is the most boring, most unskilled, least canon faithful and least entertaining Kurloz roleplayer I have ever seen.
Fubar is the one of the worst Rpers I have had no pleasure rping with.
RW once murders his(or her) entire family, and got away with it by being at a friend's house the whole time.

(yes, i'm a death 'enthusiast', jk, but i do this, a lot.)
SM hates death and is riding a horse at this very moment, hussie would be proud u_u
SA has ransacked a school before for the sole purpose to rid of all of it's broken crayons.
MF ran around with on their head screaming I AM THE POKEMON MASTER!!! in public. in a library.
Greenzor's current signature has the cutest pic of Gl'bgolyb
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